SpaceX has indeed come out with quite an impressive record this 2020 falling only 7 orbital launches in comparison to the China Aerospace Science and Technology and Corporation. To put the comparison in perspective, while the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation is backed by the Chinese government itself, SpaceX is a private company that is owned by Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

SpaceX's partnership with NASA has brought good progress

The company has been able to partner up with NASA for a number of space projects which includes the ultimate goal to be able to bring human beings to Mars. Currently, SpaceX and NASA are doing multiple launches to the International Space Station as well as sending out other satellites into space.

SpaceX has also been really busy with its Starlink mission which plans to provide global access to better internet connection through low-orbit satellites. So far, the company has already been able to send out hundreds of satellites into space with a few more thousands to come. Beta testing has already begun in some parts.

SpaceX orbital launches this year

In a certain post by Thomas Burghardt @TGMetsFan98 on Twitter, the number of Orbital launches up to October, with only two months left until the end of 2020, shows that the United States has been able to launch more orbital missions in comparison to any other country. SpaceX was also notably the number one contributor to the total space missions that were launched to space. 

According to the statistics shown, the United States has been able to launch 29 total Orbital launches while China only came up with 27. SpaceX was notably responsible for 18 out of these 29 launches which means it took up more than a third of the United States' total launches.Elon Musk then acknowledged SpaceX's accomplishment saying "that's what mattered the most."


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SpaceX's approach is the reason for its success

SpaceX has big plans lined up for the years to come with their very efficient approach towards space exploration. The whole concept of SpaceX started with wanting to manufacture reusable rockets which would cut the cost of space travel by an enormous amount.

With this type of approach towards space travel, SpaceX is able to accelerate tests and improvements due to budget reallocation since flights have become much cheaper due to their approach. This is something very notable about Elon Musk as the CEO has been building multi-million and now multi-billion companies from scratch like which turned into PayPal and now SpaceX.

Tesla, although not originally founded by Elon Musk, has still been a part of his belt of accomplishments as the electric car maker now sells more than most companies around the world.

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