After just a short teaser, Epic Games has finally announced the presence of the "Ghost Rider" Cup for "Fortnite" which will allow players to compete and possibly win the much coveted "Ghost Rider" skin. Below are some important info .

What to expect in the 'Fortnite' tournnament event

According to an article by PC Gamer, the 4th season of Fortnite has already introduced players to quite a number of different Marvel characters that can be used either in outfits like "Daredevil," "Blade," and "Silver Surfer." This, of course does not include the famed battle pass which already features quite a number of "Marvel's" very own biggest names.

However, who really cares about doing good in the game? The ultimate goal is to win the "Ghost Rider" skin and be able to make Johnny Blaze proud. There have been a few details about how to crack the "Ghost Rider" Cup, here they are.

'Ghost Rider' Cup release date and time

The supposed release date for the "Ghost Rider" Cup is said to start on November 4 which means that players will only have up to Wednesday to be able to complete the challenges so it's best to get ready for just about anything to happen in "Fortnite." It is expected to run from 5  to 8 pm local time.  

Rules and format of the 'Ghost Rider' Cup

In order to beat the "Ghost Rider" Cup, it is important to know the rules. First of all,  it will be played through "Fortnite's" "Marvel" Knockout trios mode. For the gamers who aren't aware, "Marvel" Knockout is just basically a type of riff on "Fortnite's" Operation: Knockout mode. This time, however, players will be able to access certain "Marvel" superheroes with powers that certain players would be able to obtain by being able to defeat the boss characters around the map.

The "Marvel" Knockout will be a four-round brawl that includes both teams all getting a mirrored set of different super powers to use in battle. The teams will then fight with the best group within their own bracket. Epic has officially released the detailed set of rules on their website. It is also required that players be level 30 as well as have a two-factor authentication already in place for them to participate.

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Not the last of the 'Ghost Rider' skin?

According to the same article by PC Gamer, it was stated that this could be not the only time that fans will be able to get the "Ghost Rider" skin as it is also expected to come to the "Fortnite" item shop some time in the future. The winners of the "Ghost Rider" Cup, however, would be able to get even earlier access to the said skins even earlier than some others.

Epic Games has also given an announcement regarding two duos "Marvel" Villain or Hero Cups with one possibly launching on November 11 and the other possibly on November 18. This is followed by a whopping $1 million duos cup said to take place on November 21.

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