Niantic, Inc.'s "Pokemon Go" is gearing up for one of its biggest raids this November 2020, as the powerful Aeroblast Lugia will soon come on the game as the top boss that holds one of the rarest moves in the game. The AR Game is making fan-favorite Lugia up for grabs again, but this time, with a harder challenge under the Animation Week event.

Pokemon Go Lugia
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Lugia is one of the rarest Pokemon in the game, with its last significant sighting in 2017 during its debut and Raid events. However, the Legendary Bird was already hard to catch then, despite not having its famous Flying-type move initially seen on the Japanese Manga and the console games, the Aeroblast. 

'Pokemon Go's' Animation Week November 2020: Aeroblast Lugia Comeback

Aeroblast Lugia will appear on the Animation Week event of "Pokemon Go" as a five-star raid throughout the incoming week, starting at 1 PM PT or 4 PM ET, Thursday, November 5, until Monday, November 16. The coming week will be the Pokemon's debut back to the game, offering a chance to battle against the Pokemon, capture Lugia with its popular Aeroblast, and win other Raid items.

Pokemon Go
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However, playing against Lugia would not be an easy feat despite having the best team one can gather. It is ideal to best go up against "Pokemon Go's" Legendary Johto Bird with its weaknesses and counters, and that too would not be enough. 

Raid schedules are unpredictable and have no pattern, so always be on the lookout for the legendary bird's appearance and sighting in one's area. Aeroblast Lugia will still appear on five-star raids, and players will be notified that an incoming event is set to happen within site.

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Aeroblast Lugia November Raid 2020: Best Counters, Weakness, Tips, and More

The Animation Week is nearing its start, and the public is gearing up their rosters to prepare against Pokemon's Diving Bird, Lugia. Check-out the list and game guide below, highlighting the Legendary Bird's weakness, type, and best counter and team to go head-to-head against the Raid Boss, Lugia. 

Best Lugia Counters and Weaknesses

Lugia is a Psychic and Flying Type Pokemon, meaning that it would fall against its opposing type in the manga franchise despite its Legendary Status. 

Psychic Type Weaknesses:

  • Dark
  • Ghost
  • Recommended Pokemon: Mega Gengar, Giratina, Darkrai, Mega Houndoom, Tyranittar, Chandelure, Weavile, etc.

Gengar is both Ghost and Poison, and Poison-types are weak against Psychic, so be careful when using the Pokemon.

Mega Gengar
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Flying Type Weaknesses: 

  • Electric
  • Ice
  • Rock
  • Recommended Pokemons: Zapdos, Raikou, Mega Raichu, Articuno, Glaceon, Rhyperior, Alolan Golem, etc.

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Best Movesets Against Lugia

  • Gengar - Lick, Shadowball
  • Darkrai - Snarl, Shadowball
  • Raikou - Wild Charge, Thunder Shock
  • Zapdos - Wild Charge, Thunder Shock
  • Articuno - Ice Beam, Frost Breath

Best Six-Pokemon Team: Mega Gengar, Raikou, Zapdos, Articuno, Alolan Golem, Darkrai

Do Not Use: Bug Type, Fighting Type, and Normal Type Pokemons


  • Use special charge moves efficiently to deal with super effective hits against Lugia.
  • Fake attacks with minor moves before using up special moves
  • Stockpile potions and berries
  • Always put one strong Pokemon near the end roster for backup.

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