China's Tianfu Cup, also known as the most prestigious hacking competition in the country, successfully hacks into Chrome, Apple's iOS, and Microsoft's Windows 10. The recently concluded hacking competition shows how the most used and popular operating systems worldwide can be easily accessed and breached by skilled entities.

(Photo : TianfuCup via Twitter @TianfuCup)

The Chinese hacking competition shows powerful and new hacking systems that are never before seen by the technology security industry. The talented computer youngsters showcased how easily and rapidly they hacked into the world's popular operating systems.

China's Tianfu Cup for this year, 2020, was held for the third time and gave the city of Chengdu to host the competition consisting of numerous teams. Fifteen teams participated in this year's Tianfu Cup and would receive rewards for successfully hacking to as many systems as they can in a limited number of times.

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China's Tianfu Cup: The Most Prestigious Hacking Competition

According to ZD, the recently concluded Tianfu Cup is the country's most prestigious hacking competition that invites the bright, young minds of technology and computer experts of the Asian superpower. The game shows how much the country has evolved in terms of computer systems and how easily its young citizens can easily access it.

The competition's official Twitter Account, TianfuCup (@TianfuCup), shared its awestruck congratulations to the winning team, which dominated 2020's hacking contest. The winners were even able to bag and take home a whopping $744,500 in total.

China's Tianfu Cup crowned the 360 ESG Vulnerability Research Institute to be the "Grand Champion" and winner of the entire cup. The Chinese team accumulated a massive fortune that totaled almost $750,000 in prize money. The demos are all original and unique to every team.

The competition format gives the contestants three rounds with five minutes each, using their original hacking method and procedures in breaking open several of the known operating systems in the world. Each successful breach would reward the team with prize money, each differing with the system's security level.

What were the Systems that China's Tianfu Cup Teams Hack Into?

  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Adobe PDF Reader
  • Docker-CE
  • VMware EXSi
  • Qemu
  • CentOS 8
  • iOS 14 (running on an iPhone 11 Pro Max)
  • Android OS (running on a Galaxy S20)
  • Windows 10 2004
  • TP-Link
  • ASUS Router

The Tianfu Cup's Twitter Account reported everything that happened in the competition in real-time. Several teams went neck-and-neck against each other, with some teams winning and surpassing the round set in the competition. In instances like these, the prize money will be tripled from the base set bonus.

That specific round gave the teams a massive $18,000 in bonuses for hacking into the Adobe PDF Reader software. The particular method that the units used were unique and are conceptualized on their own.

The teams under the Tianfu Cup 2020 demonstrated China's advancement in technology and the capability of hacking into popular systems that are widely used across the globe.

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