Xbox is seeing major shipment problems that delay several of the releases for the new Series X console as late as December, almost a month after its initial November 10 release date. Additional problems also plague Xbox users as popular titles, and exclusive games also join release delays with "Control Ultimate Edition" seeing a 2021 release.

Xbox Series X Delays
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Microsoft's Xbox Series X is facing an unforeseen hassle of last-minute delays right before the supposed shipment of the new gaming console on November 10. The Xbox Series X should be shipping out in a few hours, but instead, lets its gamers know that some would experience another month to wait. 

According to Game Zone, both retailers and factory releases will face the problem of delayed shipping from the company and e-commerce website, Amazon. Microsoft's Xbox has insufficient stocks of the new Series X for everyone to receive one. 

Several users received emails explaining the delay, which mostly came from Amazon. The next-generation console take by Microsoft launches earlier than Sony's PlayStation 5 but would not be able to complete and deliver to all users. 

Fortunate users would be able to receive their new console from Microsoft, but it is not guaranteed that everyone will get one. Currently, users are starting a countdown for the arrival of their new consoles, leaving several gamers disappointed for getting delay notices rather than the Series X. 

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Xbox Series X Won't Be the Only Delay for Microsoft's Gaming Leg

Xbox Series X
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Microsoft's Gaming Subsidiary, Xbox, faces the significant problems of a month-long delay that would surely disappoint gamers who anticipated the release and pre-purchased through the company and retailers. The initial release pre-orders several months ago guaranteed a specific date but is now unable to do so, right at the last minute. 

Xbox's November faces significant problems and delays which dismays gamers for lack of control over its products. The Series X's stock is still replenishing among its factories, distributors, and retailers, with no exact date whether when one's console would ship. The only definite answer from Microsoft is a December ETA. 

Unfortunately for Xbox users, that would not be the only delay its gamers would face. Several of the titles that are expected to be available as the Series X console also announced that it would be unable to give the games at the right time. 

'Control Ultimate Edition'

Control Ultimate Edition
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Xbox and PlayStation 5 Fans Unite. Remedy Entertainment's "Control Ultimate Edition" for the new consoles will see a delay until early 2021. According to Game Spot, the wait time is not specified by the developers in their delay announcement. 

'Yakuza: Like a Dragon'

Yakuza: Like a Dragon
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The bloody action-crime game from Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio would also get delayed for both Xbox Series S/X and PS5. The delay would significantly happen in its home country, Japan. The expected arrival of the game is on November 10, and there is no news yet regarding the expected ETA.

'The Medium' 

The Medium
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Xbox Series S/X's exclusive game, "The Medium," completes the trio of delays for Microsoft's console with an ETA of January 28, 2021. The horror-thriller title from Bloober Team is a highly-anticipated title by gamers and horror fans alike. 

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