Pokemon GO Little Cup best teams
(Photo : Pokemon GO / Facebook) For the first time, the Little Cup requires Pokemon that have a maximum CP of 500.

"Pokemon GO" has a whole new cup for this season's GO Battle League, featuring the lowest maximum CP players have seen thus far. Here's everything you need to know about the game's Little Cup, including the best teams you can form and the best movesets.

Pokemon GO Little Cup best teams
(Photo : Pokemon GO / Facebook)
For the first time, the Little Cup requires Pokemon that have a maximum CP of 500.

Best Teams for 'Pokemon GO' Little Cup

The Little Cup has a couple of requirements: the maximum CP required is 500, and the Pokemon players can use those that can be evolved but haven't been.

With that, it can be a little daunting for "Pokemon GO" players who are used to using their most powerful monsters, but it sure is a fun way to change things up a little bit while allowing players to get useful rewards.

So, which monsters should you be using, and what movesets are the best for a little PvP action?

According to PVPoke, a website that ranks the best Pokemon based on their movements and stats in-game, here are the best Pokemon for the Little Cup, in order:

  1. Bronzor with Confusion + Psyshock or Heavy Slam
  2. Wynaut with Counter + Mirror Coat
  3. Cottonee with Charm + Grass Knot or Seed Bomb
  4. Deino with Dragon Breath + Body Slam or Crunch
  5. Shelmet with Infestation + Body Slam or Signal Beam
  6. Wooper with Mud Shot + Body Slam or Mud Bomb
  7. Shadow Stunky with Bite + Crunch or Sludge Bomb
  8. Lickitung with Lick + Body Slam or Power Whip
  9. Barboach with Mud Shot + Aqua Tail or Mud Bomb
  10. Igglybuff with Feint Attack + Body Slam or Shadow Ball

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Best Pokemon: More Monsters to Choose For Little Cup

The website has chosen up to more Pokemon, so if you don't have any of the top 10 Pokemon they have chosen or are missing a few, here are some other monsters you can pick for your own "Pokemon GO" Little Cup team:

  • Seel with Ice Shard + Aqua Tail or Icy Wind
  • Vulpix (or Shadow Vulpix) with Ember + Body Slam or Flame Charge
  • Vullaby with Feint Attack + Brave Bird or Foul Play
  • Pawniard with Fury Cutter + Night Slash or X-Scissor
  • Hoothoot with Feint Attack + Sky Attack or Aerial Ace

Other monsters that were included are Ducklett, Shadow Turtwig, Alolan Sandshrew, Chinchou, Shadow Dratini, Drifloon, Budew, Eevee, Darumaka, Cubone, Riolu, Munchlax, Snorunt, Shadow Oddish, and a whole lot more.

Counter at the Ready

Nevertheless, Bleeding Cool also suggested having a counter for Bronzor at the ready since it appears as though tons of "Pokemon GO" players already have the Pokemon as part of their team, so by that, you'll want a Dark, Fire, Ghost, or Ground-type Pokemon to go against it.

Some of the possible choices are Deino, Shadow Stunky, Shadow Vulpix, Darumaka, and Vullaby.

Then again, "Pokemon GO" cups are all about experimenting with teams, especially as you can't be too sure of the monsters your opponents will use and have a variety of Pokemon at your disposal.

Based on the schedule provided by Niantic Labs on their blog, the Little Cup will run from November 9 until November 16 at 1:00 p.m. PST only, followed by the Kanto Cup from November 16 to November 23, and finally the Catch Cup from November 23 to November 30.

Each of these cups has its own limits and requirements.

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