Since "Among Us" has become highly popular during summer, the game has been evolving and adding some twists beyond the crew-impostor gameplay. The community has discovered new and more exciting ways to play this detective game.

On the onset of the pandemic, the "Among Us" community has found a way to play hide and seek in which the goal is to be the last player alive. The impostor counts up to 10 then runs around to kill. Crewmates need to find good hiding spots to avoid the killer. Impostors would reveal themselves once a meeting is called. Here, sabotaging, venting, or reporting bodies are not allowed.

‘Among US’ Minigame Guide
(Photo : Innersloth)
‘Among US’ Minigame Guide

In October, "Among Us" fans now have found a new way to enjoy the game. This time, they could play around as cops and robbers. It is quite a fun way to enjoy the game and it is best to be played with friends.

How to play Cops and Robbers in 'Among Us'?

To play Cops and Robbers minigame in "Among Us," there is just one impostor who will play as the cop while the rest of the players or crewmates are robbers. The map of the game will be the prison while robbers have to escape from the cop.

This new minigame designed by the "Among Us" community seems pretty interesting adding so much fun in playing this exciting game. The impostor will do a short countdown while hiding in a vent. The crewmates begin running as the impostor starts counting.

The crewmates have to complete tasks to break out from the prison. However, they still cannot perform any tasks until the impostor is done with the countdown.

How to play Cops and Robbers in ‘Among Us’?
(Photo : Sigils/YouTube)
How to play Cops and Robbers in ‘Among Us’?

If the cop (impostor) finds the robbers (crewmates), the cop will take them to the security where they would need to stay until another robber discovers them and helps them go out of the security area.

Meanwhile, the crewmates can only be safe when they reach a safe zone. There are two safe zones indicated in the Among Us map. The cop can execute a prisoner in every two minutes to prevent them from escaping.

On October 22, streamer Sigils uploaded a video YouTube as he played the Cops and Robbers minigame with fellow streamers BiffleWiffle, SSundee, Nicovald, Henwy, and Ambrew. The game seems to be so much fun to play with friends or family.

How to play Cops and Robbers in ‘Among Us’?
(Photo : Sigils/YouTube)
How to play Cops and Robbers in ‘Among Us’?

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'Among Us' Maps: Skeld, Polus, and Mira HQ

Currently, there are three locations in the "Among Us" game, including the Polus, The Skeld, and Mira HQ. The following are some overview of each map:

The Skeld

The emergency meeting is held in the center of Cafeteria. On both of the Cafeteria there are two vent triads and two one-lined-paths on each end of the ship. There are security cameras that cover the hallways of Security, Admin, Medbay, and O2.


Like The Skeld, there are two sets of vent triads that are interconnected. In the north, there are two vents, which are both located on camera zones as well as another string of three vents on the west. Also, there are camera zones on the eastern, central, and southwest parts. This is the largest map in "Among Us" where emergency meeting is held at the Office.

Mira HQ

All vents in Mira HQ are interconnected, which allow easy escape route for impostors. This also has door log in communications where there is no security. Meanwhile, emergency meeting is also being held in Cafeteria.

Knowing the maps would help in playing cops and robbers as well as other "Among Us" minigames. It helps in strategizing and going around smoothly throughout the game.

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