Apple's servers and developer website is now experiencing downtime and significant issues during the supposed period the macOS Big Sur 11.0.1 Beta Release should be rolling out to the public. This after several users experienced macOS Big Sur Installation failed issues. Users are reporting that an error occured while downloading as several Mac computers slowing down including macOS Catalina, iMessage, and other non-Apple applications installed in respective PCs.

macOS Big Sur
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The most valuable multinational technology company, Apple, is now facing significant issues behind the new macOS from rolling out to the public and puts the company in a bad light amongst the public. In what should have been the reaction of wonders and amazement on the new system, several reports and complaints rolled out.

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Apple's macOS Big Sur Installation Failed: Big Problems ahead of Public Beta Release

The latest software of Apple's Mac computers is dawning, and it is in macOS version 11.0.1, also known as "Big Sur," form. This operating system is the latest major update for the Mac since last year's macOS Catalina that cleaned up after the Mojave's initial introduction of next-gen macOS.

 According to 9 to 5 Mac, Apple's servers were facing major problems as early as noon today, and people's Apple computers are suffering its problems and issues. Several users who were notified or tried to update to the macOS' Beta Release faced major issues from Apple's servers.

The Big Sur has a file size of 12 GB, and a fast internet connection can download the operating system in under four hours or less. However, despite users claiming their fast internet, the lowest download speed would take 12 hours, with some seeing a whopping estimate of days.

 Users face macOS Big Sur not downloading, sending error notifications, and in some cases, downloads but fails to install. Apple's Developer Website and Systems Status page are also experiencing server downs.

  Additionally, users were able to see the problem and report it directly to Apple during the height of the complaints and notices. Mac apps, including the iMessage, Apple TV, Apple Pay, Apple Card, Apple Maps, and even non-Apple apps, face issues.

Apple's Servers Are Running Normally But Some Big Sur Downloads Still Unavailable

  Apple was fast to address the issues of the significant occurrence of its servers crashing. All of the reported applications are now back and running its normal functions. Even Apple's Developer Website and System Status shows information from the company.

The Cupertino giant also shares that its systems are fixed and running on regular operations. However, some users disagree with the issues they still face. Apple Mac users who are attempting to download the macOS version 11.0.1 Public Beta Release are still unable to continue and install.

Apple's macOS Big Sur is a major update and would significantly change Mac's landscape once it is fully available to the public. The company would typically face problems with its new releases, mainly because of its beta testing stage.

Stay tune for macOS Big Sur installation failed fix update! 

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