Are you ready for this year's upcoming Thanksgiving? Are you having a hard time thinking about how you will celebrate Thanksgiving since we are still in the middle of a pandemic? Worry no more cause Zoom meetings are giving us a window to go limitless.

Since we cannot organize big physical gatherings, Zoom has been an alternative meeting place for people since the pandemic began. Its fast and clear audio-video transmission via the internet brought people together from far places.

It aims not just to cater business meetings, entertainment purposes, and class meetings but also bring family and friends together on holidays since COVID-19 restrictions nationwide are still in effect.

Zoom's 40-minute Limit Lifted for Thanksgiving

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Zoom will lift the 40-minute restriction that is part of its basic plan throughout the pandemic to expand time spending with your family this Thanksgiving. The system will cut the meeting as long as it reaches 40 minutes from the start of the call. This time limit has been one of Zoom's Basic plan key restrictions throughout the pandemic that force non-premium accounts to restart a call after the time expires.

According to the Verge, Zoom's competitors like Google Meet and Cisco Webex has the same basic plan restrictions on the meeting lengths and meeting participants (60-minute limit for Google Meet and the 50-minute limit for Cisco Webex).

All providers charge extra or offer plans to remove the meetings' time limit and expand the number of participants allowed.

The temporary removal of the 40-minute limit will start midnight on Thanksgiving day on November 26 to 6 am (EST) on November 27. You can host and join Zoom calls without interruption of the 40-minute mark that says you have to avail premium account from this date and time.

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How to get around the 40-minute limit as early as now?

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Since the 40-minute limit will be lifted for a span of time only, here are some ways that can help you get around Zoom's call-length restrictions, as Screen Rant reported.

The first option is to create a new call once the 40 minutes expire. Even though this will get the call-up and running once more, this, too, implies the new room code and password will have to be sent out to each member once more. This may be lumbering and will most likely result in delays with getting started once more.

In any case, this approach can be valuable if you're concerned about Zoom-bombings. However, on the off chance that's a concern, you may choose one of the numerous other communications apps to start with.

Another way to get around it more efficiently is to aim for a scheduled and organized meeting instead of just starting one. It means the host of the meeting will have to set it up prior to the meeting date. In performing this, there's a feature in Zoom wherein the host can schedule a meeting ahead of time and set the settings to video and audio of the participants once they joined the meeting.

Once the meeting starts and runs to the 40-minute limit, a notification will appear in the meeting and start the count down. At this point, the host may leave the meeting without ending the meeting, and all call participants click on the original invitation link once again, the 40-minute limit will start over again. And guess what, this process can be repeated as many times as necessary. It might just take some trial and error to get it right, but it can give you time to change your Zoom background or do other things while waiting for a meeting.

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