Niantic's "Pokemon GO" Battle League is on its fifth competitive season, and so far, the fans have been enjoying the game's new event, Little Cup, which will be replaced with the Kanto Cup starting this Monday, November 16, until November 23 only.

Best teams for Pokemon GO Kanto Cup
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The Kanto Cup will be replacing the Little Cup for this week's GO Battle League.

From the Little Cup to Kanto Cup

In a previous "Pokemon GO" team guide by Tech Times, the Little Cup allows trainers to only use Pokemon that have an evolved form but were not evolved yet, plus, the maximum CP is only 500, which is the lowest maximum CP ever seen in the game.

However, the Little Cup is coming to an end and will be replaced with the Kanto Cup, which by its name suggests that trainers can only use monsters from the original 151 Pokemon that can be found in the Kanto region.

If you have the Alolan versions of the original Kanto Pokemon, you can use them in battle, too.

As per Gamepur, the maximum CP for Kanto Cup is 1,500--and you don't exactly have to own every Kanto-based Pokemon, but it does bide well if you have all the originals or at least, some of the best choices for this Battle League.

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Best Teams for Kanto Cup

So, which monsters should you use?

According to PVPoke, a website that ranks the best Pokemon based on their movements and in-game stats, here are the best monsters for the "Pokemon GO" Kanto Cup, in order:

  1. Hypno with Confusion + Thunder Punch or Shadow Ball

  2. Lickitung with Lick + Body Slam or Power Whip

  3. Snorlax with Lick + Body Slam or Superpower

  4. Alolan Marowak with Fire Spin + Shadow Bone or Bone Club

  5. Shadow Snorlax with Lick + Body Slam or Superpower

  6. Alolan Muk with Snarl + Dark Pulse or Sludge Wave

  7. Lapras with Ice Shard + Surf or Skull Bash

  8. Dewgong with Ice Shard + Icy Wind or Water Pulse

  9. Wigglytuff with Charm + Ice Beam or Play Rough

  10. Shadow Dragonair with Dragon Breath + Aqua Tail or Dragon Pulse

Other monsters included at the top of the list are Alolan Sandslash, Shadow Dragonite, Shadow Gloom, Blastoise, Dragonair, Mew, Shadow Vileplume, Shadow Victrebeel, Shadow Machamp, Shadow Beedrill, and a whole lot more.

Counter at the Ready

With Hypno being the clear top contender as the best "Pokemon GO" choice for Kanto Cup, it's also good to have a counter ready in your team since many would most likely bring it on their teams as well.

Some of the possible choices are Alolan Marowak, Wigglytuff, Lapras, Snorlax, and Alolan Sandslash to defeat Hypno.

But as usual, "Pokemon GO" is all about experimenting.

There are 151 Pokemon you can choose from, so you have a wide variety of choices for your teams. If you find a team and a strategy that you think works well, you can definitely follow that.

As per Niantic's blog, the Kanto Cup will begin on Monday, November 16 starting at 1:00 PM to Monday, November 23 at 1:00 PM PST, while the following week, the Catch Cup will begin starting on November 23, at 1:00 PM to November 30 at 1:00 PM PST where only Pokemon that have been caught since season 5 started are eligible.

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