Pokemon Go: Virizion Raid Counters
(Photo : AbdallahSmash026/YouTube) Pokemon Go: Virizion Raid Counters
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The Legendary Swords of Justice trio makes a comeback to "Pokémon GO" from November 16 to 24. While it was originally a quartet between Virizion, Cobalion, Terrakion, and Keldeo, only the first three will be returning for this week's five-star raids.

"Pokémon GO" trainers may now take battle against the Legendary Raid Boss trio and see their shiny versions. Here is our "Pokémon Go" Virizion Raid Counters guide to help you beat this tier 5 Raid Boss.

Pokemon Go
(Photo : Pokemon Go )
Pokemon Go

'Pokemon Go': Virizion

As a Grass/Fighting type, Virizion is highly vulnerable to Flying type Pokémon as well as to Fire, Psychic, Ice, Poison, and Fairy type moves. Despite it being a tier 5 Raid Boss, its heavy weakness over Flying type makes it easy for two trainers with Flying type counters to defeat Virizion.

A group of five to six average trainers can highly succeed against Virizion. Unless they have strong Flying type moves, it is difficult to beat Virizion' solid Defense stat. In normal scenarios, players may use Level 20 CP range: 1649 - 1727 CP and Level 25 CP range: 2061 - 2159 CP to counter a 100% Virizion.

'Pokémon Go': Virizion movesets

When facing Virizion, players should only be concerned of Stone Edge as its other counters are all weak. Also, they may use the raid battle clock in the main battle against this Raid Boss.

Pokemon Go: Virizion Raid Counters
(Photo : AbdallahSmash026/YouTube)
Pokemon Go: Virizion Raid Counters

Virizion leans defensively more than most tier 5 legendaries, so attackers will not quickly gain energy from receiving attacks from Virizion. Here are some of Virizion's current best movesets:

  •  Stone Edge(ROCK) - charged
  •  Zen Headbutt(PSYCHIC) - fast
  •  Quick Attack(NORMAL) - fast
  •  Leaf Blade(GRASS) - charged
  •  Close Combat(FIGHTING) - charged

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'Pokémon Go': Virizion Raid Counters

While Stone Edge may pose a serious threat, Flying types will continue to rule this battle. They will outperform any other Pokémon because of Virizion's weakness even to less than stellar Flying types.

  •  Unfezanthas a pretty common spawn and good DPS, which makes it pretty easy to catch even at a high level to and instantly gain a counter. As a secondary type like Honchkrow, it is more susceptible to Close Combat than some Flying types.
  •  Togekissis better known for its Fairy type offense but it also exploits Virizion's double weakness to Flying moves while also resists Virizion's strongest Close Combat charge move.
  •  Mewtwosurely is the best non-Flying type attacker to counter Virizion with its monstrous Attack stat of 300. Those who do not have Psystrike Mewtwo, Psychic remain a better option than non-Flying types, although a longer battle could affect Mewtwo's lifespan.
  •  While Lugia's TTW is incomparable to most other Flying types as it lacks fast move, Lugia is amazingly resistant and remains incredibly potent.
  •  Moltresis the best counter as it has an easy time with survival even without Stone Edge. While Honchkrow also has a good TTW, its secondary Dark typing makes it more vulnerable across all movesets, particularly to Close Combat. Moreover, Rayquaza's Flying type move is also highly effective, although it is an opportunity cost since it prefers a Dragon type moveset.

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