For those that are still stuck waiting for whatever Rockstar Games rolls out next, "GTA Online's" upcoming winter update has been promised to deliver a big package. The game developer stated that the brand new heist will actually be taking place in what players could note as an "entirely new location."

'Grand Theft Auto Online' update hypothesis

According to an article by Dexerto, while this particular location itself has yet to be revealed, a few souls have suggested that Rockstar Games will actually be opening up yet another few buildings inside Los Santos. Others have actually stated that they believe that Rockstar may be bringing the new heist back to the Diamond Casino as there actually seems to be a few things that are currently under construction as of the moment. It's very possible that this could in fact be the "new location" that Rockstar Games hinted.

However, there is a particular insider known as Liberty93 that has recently claimed, according to a couple of sources, that a future update will most definitely be the "biggest" update in the history of all "GTA Online". The leak was said to bring a new map expansion for the first time ever.

Gorillaz new song shot in 'GTA V'

According to his statement in Rockstarmag, the now unlisted music video for the popular music group Gorillaz's song known as "The Valley of The Pagans" actually teased the awaited map expansion. The music video was actually shot in the popular "Grand Theft Auto V" and it features a brand new island that is pretty similar to the one that is shown in the known Plastic Beach album.

There is actually some evidence coming from Rockstar that directly supports the possibility of a new map to be included in the upcoming December patch. During the previous Q1 earnings call, the CEO of Take Two Interactive mr. Strauss Zelnick stated that both "Grand Theft Auto Online" as well as "Red Dead Online" will be getting major updates later this year.

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The official leak: any signs of 'GTA VI'?

The updates were said to include an extension of the already existing Frontier Pursuits for the "Red Dead Online" while for "Grand Theft Auto Online", it was said that the game is getting a new take on heists set in a brand new location. Sadly, Liberty93 stated that although he was able to confirm the existence of the map expansion, it might still not be able to roll out this coming December.

With this particular standalone version of "GTA Online" coming out to the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X in 2021, it would actually make sense for the game to receive a massive update upon release to these platforms. Until that time comes, fans can only hope for an update on what is more exciting to them, an upcoming "GTA VI". As if the moment, there are no signs of any official "Grand Theft Auto VI" update despite many supposed "leaks".

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