1Password, one of the most popular password managers, receives an update that brings new exciting features for Mac users. Among these is the awaited "Unlock With Apple Watch."

1Password's New Update Brings More Security Features for Mac Users! 'Unlock With Apple Watch' and More
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According to The Verge, if the new security feature is activated, the user will receive a pop-up on their smart watch's display when they open the app.

They need to unlock it by double-clicking the side button of their Apple watch and the 1Password will open. What's great about this is that the Apple Watch feature doesn't interfere with the usual Touch ID option for Macs that offer 1Password manager.

The latest update allows users to use both methods, with Touch ID remaining as the "default" method.

1Password's current methods

As of the moment, there are two ways you can use to unlock 1Password manager. You can either use your Touch ID on compatible MacBooks or simply enter the set password, as reported by 9TO5Mac's latest report.

1Password's New Update Brings More Security Features for Mac Users! 'Unlock With Apple Watch' and More
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However, since some Mac gadgets don't support Touch ID, older MacBooks and Mac desktops require people to enter their password or code all the time. 
This will all change, thanks to the password manager's latest update.

Better Safari integration

Before you get the "Unlock With Apple Watch" feature, you must first make sure that your gadget is running macOS Catalina 10.15, or later versions of Apple's system, with Secure Enclave (models with T1, T2, or M1 chip).

The new update also offers better integration with the Safari web browser. Thanks to this, you can now check web pages in the background to automatically input credit cards and passwords.

This works just like iCloud Keychain. 1Password also comes with a refreshed design to match some of the macOS Big Sur changes and improvements to ensure user data privacy.

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