Streaming services are one of the largest industries in 2020, and it is now entering the annual Black Friday Sale that offers one of the lowest prices for the monthly deals for as low as $1.99. Streaming companies led by Hulu, Netflix, Peacock, and even Tidal for music, are available for purchasing its digital subscription membership.

Black Friday Streaming Services
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The emergence of the global pandemic brought by the coronavirus or COVID-19 raised the global reliance on digital streaming services, games, the internet, and social media. These industries are several of those that grew this pandemic and one of the most sought after technology today. 

Due to lockdown services, people getting stuck at home resorted to streaming services and the internet for entertainment and leisure times. Amazon Prime VideoDisney+HuluHBO Max, and Netflix are some of the largest streaming platforms in the country and worldwide, also the leaders for entertainment in this pandemic.

The pandemic indeed ended the days where people buy movies and have them by discs. Streaming is indeed the technology of the future that dawned on the present times, being one of the largest industries that grew throughout the country's lockdown. 

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Black Friday Streaming Service Deals 2020: Best Subscriptions for Low Prices

The Black Friday Sale 2020 offers a massive collection of subscription services that aim to give customers massive savings in its membership deals. Along with this, free monthly trials are also included in the deals from popular streaming platforms.


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Walt Disney Company and NBC Universal's video-on-demand streaming service, Hulu, offers one of the largest savings for its streaming service subscription this Black Friday. The company offers a monthly fee of only $1.99 per month for an entire year. Interested subscribers only need to sign-up and join the service now. 

Price: $5.99 (starting)

Black Friday Sale Price: $1.99 per month for 12 months (save $4 monthly)

Check-out Hulu's website for the 12-month deal.

Netflix via Chromecast

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Netflix is not directly offering up a sale or discounted prices for its monthly subscription services due to the recent increase in its prices. However, there is another way to get six-months of free Netflix HD trials when purchasing a Chromecast device that is currently on sale. Netflix's six-month subscription is already $84, but this deal offers a device and subscription in one. This deal may vary for UK deals only.

Price: $84 (Netflix 6-month subscription) + $90 (Chromecast Bundle) Total: $174

Black Friday Sale Price: $90 (save $84)

Check-out Chromecast on Google.


Peacock TV
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Peacock is one of the latest subscription services from NBCU that offers a massive 20 percent discount for its 1st year's subscription service. Another deal offers a 10 percent discount off its $99.99 Peacock Premium Plan that removes the ads from popping up. The offer is up until November 29 only. 

Price: $49.99

Black Friday Sale Price: $39.22

Check-out Peacock's Premium Subscription Plans on its website


Tidal Black Friday
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Tidal is also making an entry for 2020's Black Friday Deals with a monthly $1.99 subscription for four months. The company's HiFi streaming services offer a massive library of music for all who want to listen to a different experience. 

Price: $19.99 (Premium HiFi)

Black Friday Sale Price: $1.99 (save $18)

Check-out Tidal's Premium HiFi Music on its website

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