Elon Musk has yet again promised his fans and enthusiasts on Twitter that a more extensive public release of the Full Self-Driving Beta will come in two weeks' time. The Full Self-Driving feature for Tesla's electric vehicles would thoroughly take charge of the steering, navigation, and all traffic rules from the hands of the driver, completing the experience.

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Tesla to Use AMD Navi 23 for Its Electric Vehicles’ Infotainment System

One of the most popular electric vehicle and clean energy companies, Tesla, is now making its way to a fully autonomous future beginning with its Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta, soon releasing for public use in no time. The FSD's promise was already delayed for several years, beginning in 2018, and even had talks earlier this year.

Tesla FSD Beta: Finally Comes after 2 Years

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk initially announced this feature's actual public release earlier this year, on October 21. The FSD's public beta release was met with a closed status, meaning that select users and Tesla vehicles got the update but are not to the mass public.

Recent developments show the new promise Elon Musk made, saying that there would be a more comprehensive public release in two weeks, starting at the end of November. That would put the wider public release of the FSD Beta at around Friday, December 12, or early Monday, December 14.

Elon Musk (@elonmusk) replied to a Tesla fan and concerned user's question regarding the release of the FSD, particularly in the state of Minnesota. The user noted that weather conditions are suitable to test out the capabilities of the autonomous driving feature.


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Tesla FSD Beta: Testing Stage for the Public and Company

The Tesla CEO's promise of a wider FSD Beta to a more extensive number of people would finally come in two weeks, as stated by Musk himself. According to Electrek, Musk and Tesla have been selling their electric vehicles with the "Full Self-Driving" package for the past years.

Tesla Autopilot
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Now, the Tesla EVs would have the features and capabilities of the FSD but is not yet complete, and would still go under rigorous patches, upgrades, and reconfiguration before its final release. It is quite noting that the release in two weeks would still be under beta status, and only a select number of people would have it.

Tesla FSD Beta: Good or Bad?

The select members of the public who will soon receive the FSD beta should still pay attention to the roads as this is not yet the "perfect" or complete version, despite its promise of an "extremely slow and cautious" run when used by early beta testers.

According to Electrek, the feature is both "scary and exciting" upon its wider public release that would "probably" release to the public in two weeks. There are pros and cons to this release because of its public beta status, which means the feature is not yet complete.

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