With some tinkering, Xbox Series X and Series S owners have found out that the console can actually run some PlayStation 2 titles and run a few other titles from another console through an emulator.

Xbox Series X/S runs PS2 games
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Microsoft's Xbox Series X and Series X can play PlayStation 2 titles through Developer Mode.

Play PS2 Games on Xbox Series X/S

Backward compatibility has been one of the features that every console owner wants to get whenever a new-gen unit comes out.

Sure enough, you've spent money on buying all those games for the past few years, so being unable to play them on the new unit would be frustrating, especially as many tend to sell their first consoles to make way for the new one.

With that, the ability of Microsoft's new-generation consoles is a welcome feature.

Although it's technically not backward compatibility, Xbox Series X and Series S are still capable of running game titles from past consoles through the feature known as Developer Mode, according to VG247.

Practically, when the Developer Mode is turned on, it's possible to run RetroArch emulation, making it possible to run PlayStation 2 games.

The feature was first discovered on the cheaper Microsoft console, Series S, which is available for $299 and the most affordable of the next-gen consoles to come out this year.

Since it's possible for Series S, it's not a surprise that the trick works on Series X, which is the company's flagship console and is a more powerful unit than its cheaper variant.

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PS2 Titles and Nintendo GameCube Games Available

According to GameSpot, the RetroArch emulator on the Xbox unit isn't exactly perfect as games that can be played are capped at a 2GB limit, meaning not every title to have come out of the Sony unit is playable on Series X and Series S.

Nevertheless, fans can play titles such as "Metal Gear Solid 2" and "Jak & Dexter," and the controls work on the Xbox controller.

Moreover, the RetroArch emulator can also run some Nintendo GameCube titles.

It's hard to find a good emulator for PlayStation 2, so the RetroArch emulator on the Xbox Series is definitely an excellent addition for players, plus combined with the backward compatibility with Xbox One and Xbox 360, the Microsoft Xbox Series X/S might take the cake for that feature.

Pre-Install Game Pass Titles

Furthermore, the new update for the next-gen consoles also made it possible to pre-install titles that will be coming to Microsoft's Game Pass subscription, as per the company's official blog post on Monday, November 30.

"Just head over to the Xbox Game Pass app on your console or mobile device and look for the 'Coming soon' section," Microsoft wrote. "While not all games that are 'Coming soon' can be pre-installed, we did develop a special feature for the Game Pass mobile app that lets you queue the rest to install on day one."

The Xbox Game Pass Subscription is a monthly subscription service that provides players with hundreds of games.

The Ultimate version is available for $14.99 a month, while the standard version is available for $9.99 a month.

The update has also added six new backgrounds for Series X and Series S that pays homage to previous consoles from Microsoft.

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