DJI has got something brewing on its factories with a recent leak revealing a new drone called the 'FPV Combo'. It is said to feature a drone camera, controller, and goggles package that would soon complete the video experience. There were no announcements or hints of a new drone  before this leak, but the insider believes that the FPV would soon release before the year ends.

(Photo : OsitaLV via Twitter @OsitaLV)

One of the world's most popular drone and action camera makers, DJI Sciences and Technologies, has something up its sleeves for a buzzer-beater release for 2020 featuring a new camera drone for all your needs. The leak showed the new box and package, in which a small drone with goggles are included in the box.

DJI FPV Drone Combo Leaks: Twitter Source Share First Look of Goggles Racing Edition

According to Drone DJ, a leaker from Twitter called "Osita LV" has revealed the new package from DJI that features the new FPV Drone. The photo is said to have come from DJI and leaked by an anonymous person who received the drone earlier than the public, probably for testing.

Twitter user OsitaLV (@OsitaLV) did not disclose who or where the leak came from; instead, the user detailed the drone's entire package that showed its goggles compatibility and camera drone that he regarded to resemble a spaceship. The leaker also revealed the DJI FPV Drone Combo's spec sheet and release date in another tweet.

The leaker is a "verified drone pilot on DJI BBS (China)," and  is trusted for various leaks he shares on social media. Moreover, the drone pilot reached loads of audience as his tweet leak gathered massive reactions from likes, retweets, and reply comments. The leak source is trusted and would probably follow through on his claims and assumptions.

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DJI FPV Drone Combo: Release Date and Specs

According to Twitter leak source OsitaLV (@OsitaLV), speculations regarding its specs would put in 4K Video capturing, along with a 60fps "on-board recording" on the small drone. The drone's body proportion is at 5 inches, and it is said to hold a "6S" battery.

The drone is also said to have three flight modes to choose from, having a maximum velocity of 150 km/h or 93 miles per hour. The FPV Drone camera is built-in and would have an adjustable angle tilt feature using its remote, along with a GPS tracker.

The source believes that the drone would come to online stores "in a month," which probably puts its earliest release date by the start of January 2021. All of the information above is not verified by DJI, and all of this is based on OsitaLV's speculations for the new video drone.


The drone leaker also shared a photo of the DJI FPV in an actual flight or operation. This drone may go toe-to-toe against the recently teased Sony Airpeak which is the Japanese take on drone technology to rival DJI.

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