China has previously promised that it would be sharing its new COVID-19 vaccines to a number of different countries. The COVID-19 vaccine will especially be shared with those countries that have kept close ties with China. While the country is still not ready to deploy its own vaccines internally as of the moment, the logistical infrastructure of mass distribution is currently getting ready. China's promise was reported in an article by NewYorkTimes.

Covid-19 vaccine progress

According to the story by TechCrunch, just this week, Alibaba's own logistical arm Cainiao officially announced that it has now struck a partnership along with Ethiopian Airlines in order to introduce a new cold chain. The cold chain is said to be very critical due to its capability of transporting the known temperature-sensitive medicines coming from China towards the rest of the whole world.

The official air freight will initially depart from Shenzhen Airport, which Alibaba says actually houses China's very first cross-border medical cold chain facility. The facility is said to fly twice a week to other countries via Dubai as well as Addis Ababa. The spokesperson from Cainiao told TechCrunch that as soon as the COVID-19 vaccines are finally ready, they are confident that they have the capabilities to be able to transport them.

Covid-19 vaccine update

Shenzhen is currently the home base of the known SF Express which is another major logistics operator over in China that has announced that it has been working on storing as well as shipping the vaccines. SF Express has officially announced its intent to be able to help with the distribution of the said vaccine.

The route is said to be carried out by Cainiao, which currently operates in over 200 different countries and regions. It is also certified by the known International Air Transport Association in order to fly the COVID-19 vaccines. The COVID-19 vaccines are said to normally need to be kept in low temperatures.

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The Cabins are expected to contain certain temperature-controlled monitors just like Ethiopia's very own cargo terminal that has facilities that can be adjusted to the temperature of between both -23°C and 25°C, or even -9.4°F and 77°F.

The general manager of Cainiao's known international supply chain unit, James Zhao, stated that the launch of the total cold chain air freights has been able to further bolster their global logistical capabilities. This, in turn, has allowed them to offer a one-stop solution for the problem of global distribution specifically of medical products like the critical COVID-19 vaccines.

China is known as a major exporter of certain personal protective equipment otherwise known as PPE during the current COVID-19 pandemic as well as the country's own logistics giants. SF Express as well as Cainiao are now all promptly introduced to these programs that are going to be critical specifically for shipping out the COVID-19 vaccine as well as medical relief items.

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