Winter biking might be something that some people enjoy and others don't. One thing that really gets in the way, however, is obviously the snow. Sometimes, snow can be a bit too much for snow mountain biking or winter bike commuting. Luckily, there might be a solution to biking in the snow.

Winter biking with Envo Drive

According to an article by TheNextWeb,a Canadian company called Envo Drive that specializes in making an electric propulsion kits for both bikes and kayaks and is now taking pre-orders for its new "electric snowbike kit." The kit is said to be pretty simple. All that users need to do is to take their bike and simply replace its rear wheel with the new kit's electrically-powered snow track. The front wheel will then be replaced with a snowboard that is easily attached to the bike's forks and will allow the rider to simply steer through the snow.

The battery is said to be attached where the bike's bottle cage would most typically be mounted which is located in the middle of its frame. The drive then comes from the new snowmobile-style track found at the rear which runs on 1,2000 watts of power as well as 120 Nm of torque! This is reportedly considered to be quite a lot even for a snowmobile.

What kind of bike does a snow person ride?

Of course, the rider of the bicycle is still free to simply pedal the bike as a normal bike in order to power the track. According to Envo's official announcement, the snowbike kit is said to have a top speed of up to 11 mph, which is still really impressive especially in the snow. Sadly, due to the difficulties of traveling across the snow, the bike kit's capability is only six miles.

The bike is said to take eight hours in order for the battery to be fully charged. It was also noted in the article that the amount of time needed to charge the bike is "not that practical." As of the moment, there is still no sign as to whether this specific snowbike kit can be fast-charged.

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How to ride a bike in cold weather

Some time earlier this year, the article mentioned looking at certain removable ebike conversion kits coming from Bimotal, which was easily attached to a bike's brake mountings. However, this specific conversion kit is said to cost $2,000. Envo's version of the kit is said to be sold closely at $2,092.

The winter bike kit might not be that practical for everyone but since this is a Canadian company, it makes sense for those who can afford it to get one for the harsh Canadian winters. Another article by DesignBoom covers the Envo bike saying the bike frame is still not included and only the kit can be bought. This means that for those who want to use the Envo winter bike kit, they would still need to purchase a decent frame capable of handling this much power.

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