The world of artificial intelligence has been able to make some remarkable accomplishments this 2020 and it seems like things are starting to level up even more. AI has been able to make its appearance on Chinese media according to an article written by Quartz back in February and now, it seems like the AI news anchor has successfully made its way to South Korean media as well.

AI news anchor Korea

According to an article by WHDH, CNN affiliate MBN South Korea has recently debuted the country's very first AI news anchor. This AI news anchor is now tasked with reading the news like any other news anchor would. Would this mean that news anchors will now have an even harder competition for their jobs?

The AI is said to be a replica of the South Korean anchorwoman known as Kim Ju-Ha and also copies everything coming from her own looks all the way to her facial mannerisms as well as able to copy the sound of her voice. Basically, the AI is a very close replica of the anchor woman but cannot be considered as a clone and only rather modeled after her.

AI in news media

According to MBN, the new AI "Kim" is now featured on the South Korean online channels popping in four times a day in order to deliver the country's main news briefing. Since artificial intelligence is basically a computer, it runs on electricity, not like a human being needing six to eight hours of sleep a day in order to run healthily.

According to the article by Quartz that reported on China's version of the AI news anchor, the state's official news outlet known as Xinhua previously announced (in Chinese) their collaboration together with the search engine known as Sogou, in order to create the world's very first female AI news anchor. The  AI is known as Xin Xiaomeng.

The world's first female AI news anchor announcement came after Xinhua first debuted the world's very first male AI news anchor, according to an article by The Guardian, known as Qiu Hao, during China's very own annual World Internet Conference. The conference happened back in November in Wuzhen.


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Xinhua AI anchor

Xinhua then stated that the robotic "new employees" have already taken their roles with much enthusiasm ever since its launch in November. As recorded in February 2020 by the article, it was said that the Ai news anchor has already published some 3,400 reports which total about 10,000 minutes in length.

This is already impressive for an AI news anchor as it would be extremely hard for a human news anchor to be able to reach this amount of reporting. As for the future, it is still unknown as to what length the South Korean AI news anchor will be reporting. However, it might seem like the AI news anchor will be able to take on bigger roles in the future as seen by China's new anchor accomplishing 10,000 minutes of reporting time.

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