LockBit hackers allegedly breached Kopter's database. The cyber attackers leaked the company's important files on the Dark Web after they infiltrated its internal network and encrypted the company's files.

Hackers Leak Kopter's Data on the Dark Web! They Exploit Internal Projects, Business Documents, and More!
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A participant sits with a laptop computer as he attends the annual Chaos Communication Congress of the Chaos Computer Club at the Berlin Congress Center on December 28, 2010 in Berlin, Germany. The Chaos Computer Club is Europe's biggest network of computer hackers and its annual congress draws up to 3,000 participants.

The ransomware gang published some of the company's files on Friday, Nov. 4, after Kopter refused to negotiate with them. Other ransomware groups joined the hack, sharing and uploading the victim's data on special leak sites.

According to ZDNet's latest report, this kind of activity is a special technique of many cybercriminals to put pressure on the companies they breached. Usually, this kind of pressure forces the victims to negotiate or pay huge ransom demands.

Is LockBit Kopter's real hacker?

LockBit ransomware gang took the credit after they hosted a published blog on the Dark Web. The leaked files include internal projects, business documents, defense industry standards information, and various aerospace data.

Hackers Leak Kopter's Data on the Dark Web! They Exploit Internal Projects, Business Documents, and More!
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LockBit sent an email stating that they breached Kopter's network last week. The ransomware gang also claimed that they exploited a VPN appliance that used a weak password and did not have 2FA or two-factor authentication.

The alleged hackers also claimed that they operate a web portal on the Dark Web. They explained that this site informs the hacked companies about their breached data, including a ransom demand.

Although reports are confirming the attack, Kopter hasn't released any disclosure about the security breach on its website or via business wires.

Protecting your data base

eSecurity Planet reported that data contain important data such as credit card information. It also stores other sensitive files that are valuable to many criminals.

To protect your database, here are important things you need to do;

  • Always rely on database firewalls and web applications. These will protect you from any security threats, giving you a warning if there is a breach.
  • Don't forget to encrypt your data. This method is a standard procedure in many companies since it is important to store your data separately from the decryption keys.
  • Minimize the important files you store in a database. Hackers will only breach it if it contains very essential information that will make you pay for a ransom demand.

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