In preparation for the holidays, gamers have been waiting for the announcement of the new batch of PlayStation 5 consoles and when they will hit the shelves at major retail stores.

During the past few months, places like Best Buy and Walmart have displayed PS5 consoles but it was enough as they were immediately sold out. This left many fans waiting for the change to purchase the device.

News of restocks is difficult to come by, and sometimes the sale of the device happens so fast that even gamers who are looking out for any news usually miss the word. Retailers usually does not rely restock information, and this leaves gamers wondering if there will be consoles available for purchase in time for Christmas.

PS5 restock at retail outlets

Just before Black Friday, Best Buy had PS5 consoles on display, but has not released any details since then on when they will have another set of consoles.

Gamers have been monitoring the listings for PS5 consoles on the store's website, but despite the anticipation, Best Buy has not given customers a way to reserve the device for easy purchase upon its availability.

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Both the PS5 Standard consoles and PS5 Digital consoles are out of stock, and there are no open-box options available on the Best Buy website yet.

Meanwhile, PS5 was quietly restocked at Target and PlayStation Direct on December 3, and although there have been no official announcement, numerous forums state that Walmart will have the console available next week.

According to Newsweek, Walmart will be restocking both the Xbox Series X and PS5 throughout the holidays, but the major retail company did not release any specific dates and further details.

Multiple Twitter users said that they were told by their local stores that Walmart is planning to have more PS5 in stock on December 8. However, this is not an official date, so it is best to keep a close eye on the nearest Walmart in your area.

As of December 3, Walmart listed the PS5 on their website for $4.99, but it is still out of stock. On December 4, PlayStation Direct listed PS5 on its website but it was immediately sold out.

On December 3, Target restocked the PS5 console but it was quickly sold out. Target may release more stocks this weekend, so it is best to check on the Target app and its website. Costco also restocked PS5 on the same day, but it is now out of stock and there is no news as to when they will restock.

As for Amazon, the PS5 console is currently out of stock but Twitter users said they believe that the site will restock early next year. There is no specific date given so it is best to check on the site regularly.

No to scalpers

The lack of details and stocks across major retailer stores may be frustrating for fans of the device, but it is best to wait for its availability on legit resellers than opting to purchase from scalpers who might charge you double, and there won't be any warranty. Waiting for consoles from retail stores or buying direct from Sony is a safer option.

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