UPDATE: 100 Thieves (100T) won Valorant First Strike North America in a battle against TSM. 100 T finished Riot Games' regional tournament 1ith 3-1 score standing. 

Announcement: The "Valorant First Strike" results TSM VS. 100T are still coming in hot and it seems like the champion Cloud9 reportedly announced on Twitter that the champion is 100T while TSM is now left with a 0-2 score standing. The "Valorant First Strike: North America" semifinals tournament recently took place with TSM VS Team Envy and 100 Thieves VS Sentinels and the results were brutal.


'Valorant' TSM VS 100T

Cloud9 Twitter prediction is not really something that some fans were too happy with as some of them sided with TSM instead of 100T. Of course, this remains to be unseen as the game has not yet started and Cloud9 has already "announced" the winner.

The comment section on Twitter did not all take this too well with a particular user Evan @B0TM0N_ even stating that the prediction "did not age well" of course. Due to this Tweet, the 100T Executive Producer even shared a screenshot of him blocking Cloud9 on 100T Gabriel @GabeJRuizwhich was still quite unexpected.


Of course, things could still shake around depending on the result. As to what made Cloud9 announce this remains to be unseen as the match still continues on. Fans will just have to wait for the final results as well as a clarification as to why Cloud9 would announce something like this even when the game hasn't even been finished yet.

'Valorant' TSM VS Team Envy

The story was reported by DailySportsGG and it was said to be the opening First Strike match of that day which featured both TSM and Team Envy. The reportedly first map that they chose to play was Ascent. The game first started and closed along with a 6-6 tie during the first half. The game, however, turned around as TSM got a 6-1 on its Defense to steal the whopping 13-7 victory.

During the second map, things were reportedly not close at all. TSM reportedly jumped out to take an early lead despite actually dropping some rounds which resulted in a 13-5 victory. Yassine "Subroza" Taoufik on Raze finished the game with a massive 23 kills and just 13 deaths.'

'Valorant' 100 Thieves VS Sentinels

The analysts were then split on who they should pick into this hard match. In fact, the "Valorant First Strike: North America" ended up with a surprisingly close fight of 14-12 as 100 Thieves won the game. In an unprecedented move, 100 Thieves actually chose the Ice Box for the game map.

The 100 Thieves trumped the First Strike North America semifinals and proceeded to the finals to fight TSM. 100 T had a 13-9 win on Bind. Sentinels all looked like they were actually going to lose the series back in two on Haven down by 9-6.

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Watch the game live here:

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