The new Sims 4 update is said to include 100 new skin tones as well as hairstyles and makeup sliders. Also, a few of the current bugs will reportedly be fixed as well. Although it took some time, The Sims 4 skin tone has decided to diversify even more to give players the freedom of creating their own characters.

Sims 4 skin update: How to use

In order to properly utilize this feature, fans will first have to check out the complete forum in order to understand the wide scope of capabilities that this new feature will bring. Of course, once the reading is done or if some people want to skip that part, all gamers need to do is to update their The Sims 4.

The new update will automatically include the cool feature. In order to tool around with this feature, gamers will first have to create a new character adjusting an old character or Sims might prove to be difficult. Once creating a new character, make sure to head off to the skin tone section and try around the other adjustments.

Once players are able to find the perfect skin tone, other things can be adjusted like the saturation, the hue, and etc. Different hairstyles and makeup are also available for gamers to try so if the previous hairstyle was not satisfactory, the new one might be better. This, of course, depends on the user's preference since the new Sims 4 update is all about that.

The Sims 4 update

According to an article by PCGamers, The free update is actually a response to the long-time fans of the game that have been asking for wider choices for years now. This also includes darker skin tones and colors.

The Sims have officially released a trailer on YouTube so gamers can see what the new update is going to bring to the game. Players will be able to play with more realistic skin tones as well as a new "miscellaneous" category for sci-fi or fantasy roleplayers. Gamers will now even be able to save their custom skin tones so that they will not have to create them again and again.

Sims 4 December 2020 update

The new Sims 4 update was said to be long expected ever since August when the game's very own executive producer known as Lindsay Pearson actually responded to a certain request with a video uploaded to Twitter. This is where they acknowledged that the new Sims 4 had actually fallen short on its goal to be as inclusive of a game as possible.

According to Pearson, the game developers hear the request and they have also recognized that they have not been able to do enough in order to address the different variety of skin tones as well as hair styles expected to be found in The Sims 4. The new update also allows players to adjust saturation, hue, value or brightness, as well as opacity according to the official The Sims 4 forums.

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