Sony's website was recently discovered to have a significant glitch that affects PS5 Direct Queue participants, particularly to skip the lines and bypass the systems to get inside the site and purchase the next-generation console. A YouTuber alleges that users can bypass Sony's website through a glitch that may lead you to get a PlayStation 5 without queueing up or hacking the online store.

The YouTuber says the way to skip the queue only requires you to do simple things with your computer; no hacking or illegal stuff useful old-fashioned keyboard tricks. Is it really working? 

Sony PS5 Direct Queue: Users Found a Hack in Online Store

According to Neo Gaf's forum, particularly user Maddux 4164, the gamer found a YouTube video that shows how to easily skip Sony's direct queue website in line for the PlayStation 5. The forum user asked whether the video was legit because performing it allegedly "threw" them back at the end of the line.

Moreover, Maddux 4164 said that it took them three hours to line up for the direct queue, but the user "never" got on the website despite the wait. Cases like this would force one to look for alternatives or straight-up breach Sony's website because of the frustration of buying a PlayStation 5.

The PlayStation 5's Direct Queue website mostly says that the wait time is an estimate of one hour, but users in the Neo Gaf's forum said that Sony would make you wait for more than that. Indeed, refreshing Sony's PS5 store website would only throw users at the back of the queue again, but there might be a chance to bypass that with the glitch.

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Sony PS5 Direct Queue: How to Skip the Lines According to YouTuber

Some videos and tutorials are already circulating online, teaching users how to skip Sony's website PS5 Direct Queue. The forum user Maddux 4164 specifically linked YouTuber Kadai Gaming's tutorial video on how to bypass Sony's website with the so-called glitch.

According to the video, the trick may not be a glitch. However, users can still use this split-second window to perform the hack and bypass Sony's website queue, giving gamers a hard time getting the PS5. The hack is relatively easy if done right; users just need to make their reaction time in sync with the computer.

  • First, go to Sony's Direct Queue website, which would prompt the website to put the people in a line that says the estimated time of getting in the website.
  • Next, users would need to highlight the URL/link bar and change the address using "," which would briefly show a glimpse of the PlayStation 5 store's actual website.
  • Upon seeing that glimpse, users would need to immediately hit the "ESC" or escape button on the keyboard to bypass the queue. The hack is as simple as that; however, it does not stop there.
  • Reaching the website requires you to be more alert because clicking the "Buy" button would get you back in line. However, this is the next step. Click the "Buy" button for the preferred PS5 and repeat the "ESC" method when seeing the next page to checkout the PlayStation 5.

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