Heads up YouTube TV subscribers; Google has issued an e-mail to users of the streaming service from one of the company's products, offering an exclusive Christmas freebie of a Chromecast with Google TV. The bundled freebie for YouTube TV subscribers is valued at $50 with the expensive Chromecast device to turn a television with Google's high-tech features.

The popular internet and multinational technology company, Google, is now rolling out rewards for its loyal subscribers of the esteemed YouTube TV subscription service launched several years ago. The subscription service is mainly dedicated to an ad-free experience when streaming YouTube on the massive Smart TV screens. 

The freebie is a massive gift for all YouTube TV subscribers, as Chromecasts devices are expensive on their own, along with the Google TV bundle its features. The device, bundle, and shipping are free of charge, with Google taking care of logistics. 

According to Droid Life, users of the YouTube TV subscription service are rewarded by the recent e-mail chain from Google. Subscribers only need to open their e-mail and search for Google's message regarding the Chromecast freebie. After which, click the "claim" button, and it would redirect to another website. 

The redirect would proceed on Google's online store, automatically adding the Chromecast with Google TV bundle (Snow colorway) to one's cart, along with a coupon code to get the device for free. The e-mail explains the requirements for receiving a free Chromecast with Google TV. 

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YouTube TV Subscribers: How to Claim Fee Google Chromecast 

Users would need to be subscribed to YouTube TV from June 1, 2018, until the current date to be eligible for Google's Christmas treat. The deal is that current subscribers would need to be members of the service for two years continuously, or there will not be any offers for the user.

Also, only the primary account that is subscribed to the YouTube TV subscription would receive the freebie. The Christmas treat can only be claimed until December 31, 2021, 11:59 PM.

YouTube TV: How Much is the Current Subscription Deal?

The subscription service from Google resembles cable packages and offers but differs on the medium available, which is through the internet. Unlike terrestrial Cable TV that needs a wired connection on satellites or the nearest provider, YouTube TV and next-generation services use one of the essential needs in a household, the internet. 

Initially, YouTube TV raised prices earlier this June, with a massive $14 increase from its previous $50 monthly rates to the now $64.99. This package already entitles the user with six accounts to use and watch simultaneously, with YouTube TV's Ultra HD offers. 

Chromecast, paired with YouTube TV, will elevate a household's watching experience, especially with Google Chrome's native language running on the television. The device can make YouTube TV recommendations to complete the watching experience. 

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