Rivian's custom-made electric delivery vans for Amazon have been spotted near its office in Irvine, California, performing test drives of its vehicles' early prototypes. Alongside Amazon's custom-made delivery van was the electric pickup truck, R1T, which is expected to release to the public next year, beginning in June 2021.

Electric vehicles are the way to go and the cars' future, with Rivian producing the next-generation delivery vehicles for one of its investors and partners, Amazon. The electric vehicle company's pledge to sustainable technology pushes through after several years of research and creation since its establishment last 2009.

Amazon's plans include going fully electric and have chosen Rivian as its partner and supplier of future delivery vans for the company. According to Electrek, a small fleet of Rivian's future releases have been spotted in Irvine and have been doing test drives for the electric vehicles.

The Amazon-Rivian delivery vans are accompanied by the popular electric pickup truck, the R1T, with three trucks and two of the vans. Interestingly, the Amazon delivery vans have their front grille and rear doors concealed with black covers, almost as Rivian wanted the van to go unnoticed.

Rivian's R1Ts that have accompanied the delivery van also sported different body colors and decals that would undoubtedly not roll out when released in public. Whether Amazon or Rivian wanted to conceal the delivery vans or not, the public indeed recognized the electric vehicle with its peculiar design as a van and its round headlights.

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Amazon and Rivian's Delivery Van Out-in-Public

The company is known to have its headquarters in Michigan but has facilities worldwide, with a major one in Irvine, California. The prototype was seen in California despite the facility being known to host its battery production department and other focuses aside from the car's primary production.

However, spotting the Amazon Rivian delivery van in public means that its Irvine office and facility hold more electric cars than expected. Amazon recently announced its round of investment for Rivian with a massive $700 million sum for funding and the creation of 100,000 units of the electric delivery van.

According to Amazon's October announcement, the company unveiled its soon releasing delivery vans to bring not only packages to people's homes but also clean energy and less waste for the environment. The company's pledge to go entirely carbon neutral by 2040 would begin with its initial venture of going electric with its delivery processes.

The company will soon go head-to-head in terms of Sports Utility Vehicle and Pickup Trucks with the famous clean energy company, Tesla, which also aims to deliver the world's electric vehicles. The Americans are pushing the fight and transition to electric mobility that would feature the latest and most advanced vehicle manufacturing technology.

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