2020 had been a rather weird year for gaming, but despite the hardships brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, developers and publishers were still able to release some fantastic games, such as Kinetic Games and their terrifyingly fun title "Phasmophobia," which now has a new prison level ready for everyone.

'Phasmophobia's' Prison Map

"Phasmophobia" was only released in September of this year, but it has amassed tons of players with its highly-addictive gameplay where people team up with other gamers to investigate spooky places, confirm that there is paranormal activity, correctly identify the ghost haunting the site, and get out with enough sanity.

There are several maps or levels available in the game, including a roadside house, a massive asylum, and a school.

Lately, the developers teased a new map and ultimately released it for beta players.

The new level, a prison map, was released for beta in late November, and after a few weeks in, it has been announced by GameSpot that the new map is finally out of beta and can now be enjoyed by every "Phasmophobia" fan.

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'Phasmophobia' New Prison Level Map Now Available for Every Player

According to the news outlet, the prison map will be available in the contract selection of the game for the first few updates since it's new, so it will give players a chance to become more familiar with the two-level map.

Before releasing the prison map, people speculated that it would be the largest map in the game, as noted by ScreenRant.

However, upon release, fans were quick to know that the asylum still remains as "Phasmophobia's" largest level, but despite that, the two-level map is still a pretty massive place for someone to roam around in the dark, knowing ghosts are lurking around.

During the beta release of the prison map, some "Phasmophobia" players have reported bugs, but it's unsurprising since Kinetic Games' one-person team is still working on the title, and it's technically still in early access.

Furthermore, the Beta version of the game is known to be unstable.

'Phasmophobia' Fixes From the New Update

Nevertheless, a massive update recently offered some fixes, such as fixing a bug where some players had laggy movements, a bug that gets players stuck in several spots, and more.

According to Attack of the Fanboy, the prison update should give players tons of fixes for several known bugs in the game, the prison map, as well as changes for a better gaming experience.

Regardless of being in early access via Steam, "Phasmophobia" has been a surprising hit for the debut of UK-based Kinetic Games, partly thanks to famous Twitch streamers that picked and played the game over the popular streaming platform.

Because of its simple but amazing gameplay and jump scares, it was nominated and ultimately got the trophy for the Best Debut Game in the recently concluded The Game Awards 2020.

For those who want to check out the game, it's only available for PC via Steam Early Access, but fans can take part in the public Trello Board where future updates, known bugs, and ideas for the game are added.

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