Ever wondered if you can stay at home and progress at "Pokemon GO" or head to a party or friend's house while staying under the radar from your parent's Find My iPhone or Life360? Both are possible with iMyFone Any To. This app is largely considered as one of the best and safest iOS Location Changers in the market. No more worries about getting banned or caught when lying about where you are, because with a single click, you can be transported anywhere.

Locations are one of the easily trackable things in the world, especially now that most phones have GPS features that can instantly show anyone's whereabouts when connected through the internet. The feature serves as a safety guarantee ensuring that the people you care about are under monitoring.

Changing Locations with iMyFone AnyTo

iMyFone AnyTo's desktop application aims to take care of all users' location problems, from changing, swapping, spoofing, hiding, and so forth.  The application enables users to go anywhere at any time with just a single click of a button and an internet connection.

Planning a new trip with your "Pokemon GO" to hatch the egg or want to participate in an event located in another country? Not a big deal. iMyFone AnyTo can solve that problem for users and allow people to enjoy distant places right at the comfort of their homes.

As the COVID-19 pandemic discourages people to head out and go in public, leveling up or getting massive progress for AR-based and location-monitoring games can be pretty hard.  Good thing, location changers for the iOS are available, with iMyFone AnyTo leading the charge.

Location GPS: Essential Need for Smartphones and Modern-Day Applications

Most applications available in the App Store require the use of location to optimize the best offers and deals for a certain location.  Some locations may even have more premium items that are exclusive to the place. It will be a huge bummer when you do not get that just because you live somewhere far away or your region does not offer that feature.

Spoofing "Pokemon GO's" location for iOS has proven to be one of the hardest tasks to accomplish using other apps in the market. This is where iMyFone AnyTo comes in and saves the day, as it delivers only the best location changing feature in the market.

On a more practical note, families or friends have been using the popular "Life360" app that reveals one's locations and even alerts people based on settings. However, spoofing Life360 Locations can easily be done and accomplished through the software.

Additionally, setting up fake locations on Find My Friends is one of iMyFone AnyTo's featured functions, to which it successfully and easily changes.

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iMyFone AnyTo Features, Functions, and Modes

iMyFone's AnyTo app has different features and functions that can complete all the needs for changing locations for the Apple iOS systems. Indeed, Apple hosts one of the most user-restricted platforms where its customers cannot do much of any modifications or changes to the operating system's settings compared to Android.

However, with iMyFone AnyTo's software, \one factor can easily be changed, and that is the location. This app is readily-available for the Windows OS and macOS platforms.


  • Customize Speed - in the different functions and modes of the app there are widely accessible and easily changeable speeds where users can drag a slider and choose the pace they are going. Either you go at the pace of walking, riding a bike, or driving, the speed could all be under your control.
  • Historical Records - going another place but making the same excuse? iMyFone AnyTo saves the places users previously pinned or entered the coordinates, making it accessible and available to use at any time.
  • Pause Anytime - pause, stop, resume, and pause again with the function that can halt or start changing the user's location with just a single click of a button. Make the actions. more natural-looking to avoid suspicion.
  • Set Coordinates - some people provide details of their exact location through coordinates because there are no other landmarks, or the place is hard to find when browsing the map. Be more accurate and precise by setting coordinates.


  • Access Different Locations for AR-based and Location-based Games (e.g. "Pokemon GO," "Hogwarts: Wizards Unite," "Jurassic World: Alive," "Minecraft Earth," etc.)
  • Hide iPhone Location (e.g. Life360, Find My Friends, Find My iPhone, etc.)
  • Mock Different Geo Locations (e.g. "Pokemon GO," "Hogwarts: Wizards Unite," Life360, etc.)
  • Share Virtual Location on Social Media Platform (e.g. Facebook, Instagram [Stories, Posts, etc.], Snapchat, etc.)


There are two modes and features that iMyFone AnyTo offers its users, and those are "Two-Spot Mode" and "Multi-Spot Mode. Particularly, these two modes enable users to mimic a "moving" function that goes in real-time whenever it is hooked on the desktop with the application.

  • Two-Spot Mode - this mode enables users to go from one place to another, or the popular "Point A" to "Point B" navigation that is mostly used on GPS navigation apps like Google Maps or Waze.
  • Multi-Spot Mode - this mode is the more advanced method in iMyFone AnyTo location changer as it allows people to choose and pin "stopovers" or side-trips from points A and B. With the Multi-Spot Mode, users can add more points to navigate through, including point C onwards.

iMyFone AnyTo Cons

The application is almost flawless and perfect with its advanced functions and features for users who wish to change their locations. However, there is one significant flaw or "cons" that limits the use of iMyFone AnyTo. The software's cons are that it is only available on a desktop or laptop computer. Also, iPhones are required to be connected via its USB charging wire to connect.

However, despite this flaw, using a computer for the location changing is ideal and safe for the iPhone's changes in GPS. Built-in applications are prone to get caught and detected by the app, unlike iMyFone AnyTo's features and software.

Bundles and Special Offers iMyFone AnyTo

iMyFone AnyTo is offering an exclusive Christmas gift for everyone who wishes to use the application, with a 1-month free license that offers the premium package. Users only need to share the link's page and use the hashtag #imyfoneanyto to Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Pinterest.

iMyFone AnyTo is offering massive discounts for all of its bundles on the prices of its plans, namely, 1-Month, 1-Quarter, 1-Year, and Lifetime Plans. Save as much as $5 to $30 off, particularly with the Quarterly Plan's massive discount only this Christmas season.

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