Razer has introduced its first true wireless earbuds earlier this year. The Hammerhead True Wireless is an affordable accessory as it is sold in retail for only $100. It offers an audio latency that is as low as 60ms.

However, they key issue was the battery life. In late 2019, four hours on a charge won't give you a full day's use and in 2020, it is near the bottom of the bin.

With the new Pro version of the True Wireless earbuds, Razer has since updated its design and added a lot of new features that almost make the more expensive version a worthy AirPods alternative.

Razer Hammerhead pros and cons

The new Razer Hammerhead earbuds have great sound quality, it has options that are customizable, it has a comfortable fit and it has great assortment of ear tips.

However, Razer still struggles with its battery life, it has a polarizing design, the gaming mode can be a hit or miss, there are no on-board volume controls and there is no wireless charging.

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Razor Hammerhead earbuds features

The first noise-cancelling earbuds from Razer is packed in THX-certified immersive audio and a gaming-specific low-latency mode. The stick-bud design is just not for everyone, but Razer has included a comfortable Comply foam tips on top of the collection of silicone.

When it comes to aesthetics, the earbuds are similar to the Hammerhead earbuds that was released last year. Razer kept the design that is similar to an AirPod, along with Razer's signature black-and-green color scheme.

The notable difference is that the Hammerhead Pro employs a collection of silicone ear tips where the original one only had plastic.

There are three sizes of black tips available, with a softer and smoother finish. It also has three sizes of "SecureSeal" tips that have a grippier exterior, according to GsMarena.com

As for the pairing process, Razer definitely made things easy. All you have to do is to flip open the case and the Hammerhead True Wireless Pro will then appear in the Bluetooth menu. You no longer have to put the earbud in pairing mode first.

When you flip open the charging case to remove the earbuds, they will pair with your device automatically. You are then ready to play music or to listen to podcast. Razer has also released a firmware update for the earbuds, and the companion app will alert you to install it. The whole process will take less than 10 minutes.

As for the apps, Razer has a different software for the earbuds. That should not be an issue unless you have the app for the True Wireless Pro and the Opus. Inside, you will find battery percentages for each earbud, the custom EQ and the ability to remap the on-board controls.

Razer has created a well-tuned set of earbuds. There is a fun, punchy bass that swells and drones when it accommodates drum machines, driving beats and synths. The highs and mids are also nice and clear, and it produces crisp vocals and allows details like gritty samples and textured guitars to come through perfectly.

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