Facebook reportedly wants to participate with "Fortnite's" maker known as Epic Games' high profile lawsuit against none other than Apple itself. This movement was reportedly due to the iPhone maker's new policies that could potentially hurt what Facebook described as "small and medium businesses."

Facebook teams with Epic Games

According to an article by CNet, the move was revealed the very same day that Facebook had publicly launched a certain nationwide print ad campaign that criticized Apple's own privacy policies. Steve Satterfield, the known director of privacy and public policy over at Facebook stated in a certain conference call on Wednesday that the company thinks that it is really important for the main court to understand the far reaching impact of Apple's supposedly unfair policies.

Apple then said that Facebook's executives just want to collect as much information about certain users as possible even without regard for its users' privacy. Epic reportedly did not respond to an immediate request for a comment according to the article by CNet.

Facebook and Epic Games VS Apple

Facebook's recent move to join in Epic Games' big fight against Apple could in fact change the whole dynamic of how the general public perceives these particular legal battles. Epic had sued Apple back in August over their demands for up to 30% commissions Apple charges for certain purchases that people make within apps just like Fortnite.

Epic then postponed this legal battle against Apple as the fight over the way that the app stores and internet games work. With the wide-reaching ramifications for the entire future of the tech industry. Despite this, there were a lot of users and even industry analysts that actually saw the suit as just an expensive slap fight between a particular multi-billion dollar company against a bigger multi-trillion dollar company.

Epic Games VS Apple

Whether or not Facebook would officially participate in this fight is yet to be seen but as of the moment, Epic and Apple's legal battle is expected to go directly before a jury some time next year. The help of Facebook, another multi-billion company, could possibly level the playing field for Epic as the two companies combine.

However, Facebook hasn't technically been in the spotlight for good reasons as of recent as the company has reportedly been sued over in Australia for its VPN app. The VPN app called Onavo was reportedly used by Facebook in order to gather data about its users and use them for ads and marketing.

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Facebook in trouble for Onavo

The ACCC itself was the one that sued Facebook and according to an article by TechCrunch, Facebook used the VPN to allegedly spy on its users. The ACC reportedly accused Facebook of misleading, false, or deceptive conduct towards a number of thousands of Australian consumers. This was after it had promoted the known Onavo Protect app. This happend around the time that Facebook has announced that it will stand with small and medium businesses against Apple in a nationwide ad.

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