Apple has finally launched its latest iOS 14.3 software. The new iPhone system brings new exciting features that can enhance your experience and protect your data at the same time!

The giant smartphone manufacturer included a game-changing feature that will allow you to protect your data from the apps you install from the Apple App Store page. Apple's new privacy nutrition level details the user data that an app collects from the user.

The new feature provides a new benefit that allows iPhone users to see the information that an app will acquire from them. These include your phone number, location, and other sensitive data.

You can see all the data that will be collected even before you download the app. This enables you to decide if an application is worth installing. To help you further, here's a quick guide on how to use it.

How to use the new privacy nutrition labels

According to Forbes' latest report, the first thing you need to do is update your device to the latest iOS 14.3. Once you complete this step, it is easy to find privacy nutrition labels.

After that, all you need to do is go to the Apple App Store and scroll down. Doing this will allow you to reach the bottom of the store and see the detailed privacy label.

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The feature's first part will show the data that the app will extract. Your sensitive information might be used by advertisers to track you on your iPhone. These include your contact information, address or location, and more.

The second section reveals the "Data Linked to You." This includes your gender, location, and other information connected to your identity.

Instagram now supports iOS 14.3's ProRAW!

Phone Mantra's previous report stated that Instagram released a new feature for the iPhone 12 users. However, the new exclusive feature is limited. Tim Johnsen, IOS Instagram Responsible's lead, clarified that Instagram still can't edit DNG images as of the moment.

Although this is the case, the social media platform's users can still edit their ProRAW images and post them to IG without the need for JPG conversion. Instagram can do this by compressing the ProRAW files since they are large. These images are usually around 25MB.

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