Twitch's xQc has retaliated to a previous statement made by DrDisRespect where he called the 'The Doc" a "boomer" and made fun of the influencer by mocking his dance moves on his stream. The feud between the two game streamers has started because "The Doc" called xQc's previous game stream "childish" and made fun of the influencer's stream.

2020 is getting juicier despite the year approaching its last two weeks, with influencers from Twitch and YouTube battling it out with each other and throws shade on each other's work on the platforms. Popular Twitch streamer, Felix Lengyel, also known as xQc or xQcOW exacted his revenge on fellow streamer after criticism for his previous upload.

Both influencers are highly respected and streamed gamers belonging on different platforms. Streamer xQc is a top-rated Twitch content creator, while DrDisRespect is the mafia king and dominator on YouTube. Both gamers are highly skilled in shooter games and specialize in the genre.

According to Dexerto, xQc finally makes a comeback against the YouTuber's attack regarding his game stream with "Bloons TD 6" which was subjected to humiliation from "The Doc." Both influencers are known to be vocal regarding all of the issues they encounter and the clash between the two have a guaranteed "beef" to battle it out through the social media platforms.

The influencers have relentlessly hashed it out with each other, giving people a new source of entertainment that is not part of either's streams or uploads. It is quite noting that both of the insults and shades thrown at each other, these two game streamers are known to be friends and have previously mocked each other when DrDisRespect was still on Twitch.

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xQc vs. DrDisRespect: The Shade that Started it All

Twitter saw the shade that started it all, with DrDisRespect sitting closely at the camera while watching xQc's "Bloons Tower Defense 6" stream. The Doc's insult video on Twitter (@drdisrespect) immediately gathered massive interactions and reactions from the influencer's following.

Twitter users found The Doc's video hilarious and totaled to a massive 17,900 likes with 1.1k retweets from the public. DrDisRespect became famous for his explosive personality on his streams and controversial comments that largely criticize other streamer's efforts and skills on the game.

The Doc has maintained his signature "macho" personality, matching with his mullet and mustache to complete the persona. DrDisRespect mostly focuses on shooter games and comes on as a strong force in his streams which made both xQcOW and The Doc close.

DrDisRespect and xQc: Insulting Each Other and Staying Friends

DrDisRespect's insults were famous since his Twitch days but mellowed down as he took a hiatus, which followed his Twitch ban. The influencer met xQcOW on Twitch, as both were initially from the platform and focuses on the same game genre.

DrDisRespect's relationship with xQc has stemmed from a massive "beef" war which both influencers doing the same shading and insults with each other over the past years.

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