Jins has just decided to launch a brand new line of different Pokemon-themed eyeglasses as well as blue light blockers. This particular collection, released in partnership along with the certain Pokemon Company, will be featuring frames both for adults as well as children in a number of different designs and also colors very specific to the whole fan-favorite Pokemon.

Jins 'Pokemon' glasses

According to an article by Gizmodo, starting just this week, consumers will reportedly be able to choose from three different "model" sets known as the Johto Region Model, Flagship Model, and also the Kids Model. These three will also include their very own distinct styles. Back in 2021, Jins will reportedly also introduce the brand new Kanto Region Model and even a few more design options for the said Johto Region Model.

Each particular pair of frames reportedly has a subtle nod towards one of the most beloved pokemon. For example, certain frames within the Flagship collection are actually themed around Eevee, Mew, Snorlax, and even Pikachu! The new Pikachu frames within the collection have different notches located at the temple as well as the tips in a shape of Pikachu's iconic tail. There will also be another pair that will feature the cute and tiny Snorlax-shaped feet located at its tips. Each of the frame designs will reportedly be sold in a number of colors with up to 16 possible choices within every single collection for the adults while there are four total options for the kids.

Are jins glasses good quality?  

The Pokemon detailing is not particularly obvious when the glasses sit on the users face, this is something that the article by Gizmodo reportedly appreciates after spending a couple of weeks along with two designs from the new Flagship set. This means that users can easily wear these accessories to work even without having to give the user away as a hardcore pokemon fan. The article also notably appreciates that the supposed wire-frame Mew-themed pair still seemed quite durable. This was reportedly about on par with the user from the article's normal prescription wire-frame pair that came from Warby Parker.

It was said that the Pokemon nods are all also present in the other detailing in the said cases and also cleaning cloth. As an example, the Flagship line also ships in a certain light brown faux-leather case along with a certain Poke Ball that is simply engraved at the snap and also a collection-specific really cool green interior. The cloth that is included is said to be printed along with a certain pixelated Poke Ball located on one particular side.


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'Pokemon' Glasses Jins Blue Light Prices

  • Flagship Model

    • 4 models with 16 total selling for $140 USD

  • Kanto Region Model

    • 4 models with 16 total selling for $120 USD

  • Johto Region Model

    • 4 models with 16 total selling for $120 USD

  • Kids Model

    • 2 models with 4 total selling for $100 USD

In order to buy these Pokemon glasses, click this link to head directly towards Jins website.

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