While the current iPhones recently launched, new rumors are starting to pop about Apple's next supposed iPhone, the iPhone 13. It's actually not the very first time that fans of Apple have heard of rumors coming up claiming that the brand new iPhones will later on arrive with maybe a smaller notch.

Will there be an iPhone 13? 

According to an article by MacRumors, the last iteration of the known Apple iPhone actually came along with the very same notch as other previous models. This was even though it could actually appear a bit larger in the new iPhone 12 variant. However, as of the moment, it might actually happen. This is due to new information that claims that the upcoming iPhone 13 will sport a smaller notch design.

According to the recent report coming from Digitimes, the suspected upcoming iPhone 13 might finally include a much smaller notch design feature. The design change could supposedly be because Apple's recent 3D sensing module won't technically need to be just as large as the said notch that is already deployed in the current iPhones.

iPhone 13 notch

As of the moment, the rumors also note other changes in the upcoming iPhone saying that every single new iPhone 13 variant will supposedly also include certain ToF sensors located in the back. This would be supplied by a supposed II-VI. Talking about cameras, the supposed upcoming iPhone 13 Pro variants will also be expected to get an additional telephoto camera.

Jon Prosser allegedly also took his time to be able to talk about the report as well as the upcoming iPhone 13. He then explained that the camera's own module's design as well as placement inside the said device as well as how the lens that is located nearer to the device's center needs to be placed a little slightly lower in order to make room for the new components that are under the notch.

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iPhone 13 features

As of the moment, if Apple is capable of making these changes, buyers might be able to get a smaller notch. This is just like the one that is found in the certain hardware sketch of a certain iPhone prototype that had appeared previously when the known iPhone 11 was said to be under the spotlight.

He had also advised his own viewers to take this particular report with a little salt, as everyone expected the iPhone 12 to also arrive with the supposed smaller notches. However, what happened with the iPhone 12 is that buyers were still getting the huge notch that Apple users have grown to love.

The brand new iPhone 13 is said to also expect a new feature called the WiFi 6E support. This offers the features as well as the capabilities of the high-tech WiFi 6 that supposedly provides its users with much higher performance, faster data rates, and even lower latency. It is also expected to extend into the new 6 GHz band which will increase the bandwidth as well as less interference for the devices that will support the known WiFi 6E. These are still rumors and the official announcement by Apple is the only way of confirming it.


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