OnePlus Nord N10 5G Oxygen OS 10.5.8 Software Update Notes: What to Expect With This Update
(Photo : Screenshot From Tech Spurt Official YouTube Channel) OnePlus Nord N10 5G Oxygen OS 10.5.8 Software Update Notes: What to Expect With This Update

OnePlus has just recently launched its OnePlus Nord N10 5G as well as the Nord N100 smartphones previously in October. These are two of the companies that are reportedly offering the most affordable smartphones within its lineup. The OnePlus Nord N10 5G is now getting a new Oxygen OS 10.5.8 update!

Is OnePlus Nord 5g a good phone?

According to the story by News18, the OnePlus Nord N10 users over in Northern America as well as Europe are now getting a brand new software update. This particular Oxygen OS 10.5.8 software update is said to bring the second batch of the Android security patch towards the device ever since its initial launch. The new Oxygen OS 10.5.8 update even for the OnePlus Nord N10 focuses directly on being able to address the system issues, the network stability, and even the camera performance.

The brand new Oxygen OS version 10.5.8 update that is made for the OnePlus Nord N10 is also expected to bring in a slew of other optimizations as well as fixes like improved power consumption. This also includes updating the December 2020 Android security patch as well as pushing forward and improving the system's total stability.

When was OnePlus Nord 5g launched?

The update is also said to be able to improve the phone's very own shooting experience with its camera and also bring a more improved connection stability of mobile network in order to improve the whole experience. The new OnePlus Nord N10 5G was originally launched back on October 26 of this year with the previous Oxygen OS version 10.5 that is based directly on the Android 10.

It is now expected that both the new OnePlus Nord N10 as well as the N100 devices will be receiving a huge OS update within just three years of security updates. Before the official OnePlus announcement, it was first believed that the two different Nord smartphones will only get at least two different OS updates.

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Is OnePlus Nord n10 5g?

OnePlus had originally rolled out along with the Oxygen OS 10.5.1 for its Nord N100 back in November 3. That update had largely focused on actually streamlining the system functionality and also the specific Nord N10 5G previously got its last update back in November 10. This previous update was said to bring the phone an improved power consumption, the much sought after improved camera performance, and even the November Android security patch for the said device.

As of the moment, the leading specs of this phone that have been able to attract buyers is its 64MP camera and 6GB RAM which is good enough for most mid-tier phones nowadays since they are already capable of two of the most popular functions namely taking pictures and running apps. The full specs of the OnePlus N10 5G were listed in a post by GSMArena.

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