Zamkol has recently launched its ZH100 Headphones, a brightly-colored, wireless, and durable headphone that promises to keep up with one of the most demanding markets - children - and keep them safe. The TechTimes team sets out to test if the headphones meet its tall orders.

First of all, it's packaged safely, with Zamkol apparently leaving no stone unturned in getting you their latest product. The ZH100 arrived in a bright combination of blue and orange finish, making it visually appealing for the younger users and making it easily noticeable for the parents. Kids who see the product might be reminded of Blippi, the similarly-colored YouTube host of child-friendly content. As an adult, the color scheme made me believe that this will go nicely with those Nickelodeon lunchbox sets - with its rocket-shaped tumbler - that were all the rage back in the 90s.

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Durability and Portability: For Kids Who Can't Sit Still

In a time of distance learning and stay-at-home orders, headphones have become something of a consumable piece of equipment. Wired headsets get tangled all the time, if not pulled from their sockets. Other wireless headsets simply aren't built for more demanding requirements - from listening in a variety of positions.

Designed for Comfort
(Photo : Zamkol)

With Zamkol ZH100, however, it's a good fit for children, with their ears secured with its large and comfortable earpieces, with a cushioned headband running over or behind their heads - whichever way they wear it. It is also extendable to accommodate slightly larger heads, which seems to work well even for teenagers, with the metal bands visible in its maximum stretch.

Also, it is easy to pack after use, thanks to the ZH100 being foldable and with its own pouch to store in.

Audio Quality and Range: As Good For Work as It Is For Play

For small kiddy ears, the earpieces cover their ears entirely, but without pressing that makes headphones feel "tiring" over extended periods of time. Also, at maximum volume - approximately 85dB for child-friendly mode - a child might not be able to hear anything else around him. This is good for study or "me-time" sessions, for moving outside or walking on the street, pay additional attention.

During our chance to test it out (as the kids slept), the headphones work extremely well in playing songs from Spotify. Although its performance between the "average" quality of 160kbps compared to 320kbps, or even Hi-Fi quality music remains to be seen, the ZH100 delivers quality audio for a $29.99 price tag. Its stereo sound also works with video games - it can pick up and deliver faint environmental cues, which is important for competitive FPS like Valorant. Speaking of games, its microphone is an easy plug-and-play tool that is recognizable either for mobile phones, tablets, or desktop PCs.

In terms of range, it delivers the range and efficiency expected from a Bluetooth 5.0 device. Although for users looking to keep the ZH100 on and move around the house, take note that physical obstructions such as walls might affect signal strength and range.

Overall, we can say that the Zamkol ZH100 headphones deliver on its promises. While we can't pit the brightly-colored headphones against top-tier audio equipment, it proves itself a reliable and child-friendly partner that keeps up with its extended usage times and wide range of listening conditions and positions.

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However, this promo code is only valid from December 23 to 31, 2020, making it the perfect last-minute Christmas gift for kids and kids-at-heart!

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