Spoofing locations is one of the most challenging tasks anyone comes across, especially when wanting to escape GPS tagging and monitoring, and there are not many reliable applications present in the market for this. However, there is one that stands out, and that is iMyFone AnyTo, which offers reliable software to use for any purpose, including "Pokemon GO," Find My Friends, and Life360.

This application is considered one of the most definitive, if not the best, in manipulating the global positioning system (GPS) present in a smartphone or smart device. No matter the need, iMyFone AnyTo is available and ready at the user's disposal, spoofing location, and never revealing anything from the owner's end.

iMyFone AnyTo is made for the iOS, which is one of the hardest to work with operating systems in the world, because of its exclusivity from Apple, but impressively, the desktop application is smooth and easy to use. No need to worry about getting flagged or banned within applications as the iMyFone AnyTo is careful and elusive, even for the iOS.

iMyFone Any To Exclusive New Year Offer: Massive Discounts for Everyone

"It's the most wonderful time of the year" indeed, and iMyFone AnyTo would fulfil the role of the North Pole's Santa Claus as it offers a one-month free license which is worth $14.95 to everyone this season. This is a massive offer to users to grab and take advantage of, as it is free despite not purchasing a plan from the company.

Moreover, there is an exclusive $20 discount to anyone who would purchase a quarter-year license for only $9.95 instead of its original price of $29.95. Yes, that is right, the price is at an all-time low of $9.95 for three months, the same as the discounted one-month plan on its website.

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Changing Locations with iMyFone Any To

The desktop-based location would be in-charge of taking care of everything a user needs, location, and GPS spoofing-wise. With the click of a button and a readily-available internet connection, users can go anywhere in the world, wherever the place they desire is, and anytime they wish as long as it is pinnable on the map.

Over the course of the year, the COVID-19 has plagued the world with its life-threatening virus that forced everyone to go on lockdown and follow restrictions set by the government. Getting stuck at home is one of the most dreading experiences, especially as it extends for almost the entire year.

The lockdown meant that there would be no adventures for "Pokemon GO" users and other augmented reality (AR) games who rely mostly on GPS locations. Also, it meant that going out would be easily discovered as everyone knows that every person is at home, so sneaking out to a friend's house can be easily suspected and known.

Best Applications with iMyFone AnyTo: Never Get Caught in these Apps

GPS Locations are readily-available in any modern-day smartphones that are seen in the market, not requiring any external peripherals for the technology. This means that users would have no weapon against GPS, which is one of the hardest to manipulate if there is no background knowledge of computers.

However, this is not a problem for iMyFone AnyTo, as it can surpass almost anything and even the most challenging application that restricts GPS changing in Apple's iOS devices, including the iPhone and iPad.

iMyFone AnyTo is the app to use for spoofing "Pokemon GO" in iOS devices which proves to be one of the hardest AR games to manipulate, as it is one of the most popular apps in the market. Go anywhere on the map and even make your egg hatch itself with iMyFone AnyTo's walk feature.

Going out and not wanting your close peers to know where your going? have you also installed the inter-connected GPS-based location tracker for security? Worry no more as spoofing Life360 locations in your phone can make your loved ones or friends think you are just in one place despite being in another.

Also, one of the most sought functions of iMyFone AnyTo is to establish a fake location on Find My Friends, which is Apple's app that tracks registered Apple devices for security purposes. However, the app evolved from security to tracking user devices' location, so you can never be too careful.

iMyFone Any To Features, Functions, Modes


  • Customize Speed - Either you go at the pace of walking, riding a bike, or driving, the speed could all be under your control.
  • Historical Records - iMyFone AnyTo saves the places users previously pinned or entered the coordinates, making it accessible and available to use at any time.
  • Pause Anytime - Pause, stop, resume, and pause again with the function that can halt or start changing the user's location with just a single click of a button. Make the actions more natural-looking to avoid suspicion.
  • Set Coordinates - Be more accurate and precise by setting coordinates.


  • Access Different Locations for AR-based and Location-based Games (e.g. "Pokemon GO," "Hogwarts: Wizards Unite," "Jurassic World: Alive," "Minecraft Earth," etc.)
  • Hide iPhone Location (e.g. Life360, Find My Friends, Find My iPhone, etc.)
  • Mock Different Geo Locations (e.g. "Pokemon GO," "Hogwarts: Wizards Unite," Life360, etc.)
  • Share Virtual Location on Social Media Platform (e.g. Facebook, Instagram [Stories, Posts, etc.], Snapchat, etc.)


  • Two-Spot Mode - go from one point in the map to the other, with Two-Spot Mode's Function with Point A to Point B locations.
  • Multi-Spot Mode - this mode enables users to set up multiple stops, with Points A, B, C, etc. The best for AR-based games that have different exclusive locations to head.

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