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The Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S has been so difficult to find, and these are game consoles that gamers are really looking out for.

One of the reasons why it is challenging to purchase these consoles is because most retailers in the United States have sold all of it. The real question now is, when will the restock happen?

Where to buy Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S?

In the past few weeks, some retail stores have restocked on the consoles. The retails stores that sells the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S are Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon, Target, Microsoft, GameStop, Newegg, Adorama and Lenovo.

Out of the two, Xbox Series S lingers a bit longer, so there is a massive chance that you can purchase it on the retail stores mentioned above. Unfortunately, the Xbox Series X is sold out as of December 25, 7:50 pm Eastern Standard Time.

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There is a really good reason why the new consoles are always sold out. The new system is praised for its performance, fast load times and very comprehensive backwards compatibility with every generation of Xbox.

As for the Xbox Series S, this next generation Xbox still delivers a lot of the same great features for those who have 1080p TVs.

Restock news

There have not been any retailers with Xbox Series X consoles for the past week. However, that does not mean that it is not worth checking the links of the retail stores to see if there are any updates.

If you do manage to purchase an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S, a lot of the console's accessories are still in stock. That includes the Xbox Series X's 1TB Seagate storage expansion drive, the new Xbox Wireless Controller, which also works on PC and on Xbox One.

Jerret West, Microsoft's CVP of gaming, has commented on the retail shortage. He added that they can't wait for those who wants to experience gaming on the Xbox Series X and Series S to do so and they are currently working with their retail partners to replenish stock as fast as they can.

Prices on retail stores

In Amazon, the Xbox Series X costs $499 while the Xbox Series S costs $299. Amazon is one of the numerous retailers selling the game consoles. This is also the first retail store that people check for updates.

In Microsoft, the Xbox Series X costs $499 while the Xbox Series S costs $299. You can get the consoles from Microsoft directly and they are the first ones to have the consoles in stock so it is best to check on them first before going to other retail stores.

In Best Buy, the Xbox Series X costs $499 while the Xbox Series S costs $299. It is one of the many retail stores selling the Xbox Series game consoles, also one of the stores that people check almost every day.

In GameStop, the Xbox Series X costs $499 while the Xbox Series S costs $299. This retailer offers its own bundles with accessories and more, so you can also keep an eye out for those.

In Target, the Xbox Series X costs $499 while the Xbox Series S costs $299. Another retailer that people go to often. Most of the time the game consoles are sold out buy you can always check with them.

In Walmart, the Xbox Series X costs $499 while the Xbox Series S costs $299. The game consoles are usually out of stock in Walmart, but you can use their in-stock alerts.

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