Tesla Apple Music and Amazon
(Photo : green via Twitter @greentheonly)

Tesla's software has been discovered that it would soon have new music sources support with Apple Music, Amazon Music, and TuneIn options already available in the vehicle's infotainment system. However, despite users seeing the on and off switch, the new music sources cannot be toggled on as the update still has not rolled out.

Tesla Apple Music and Amazon
(Photo : green via Twitter @greentheonly)

The popular electric vehicle manufacturer may have rolled out more features than they have announced and revealed with the Tesla Holiday Update for 2020, with the new music sources discovered by recent leaks. Tesla has been making the EV platform more user integrated and defined with updates focused on customized user experience.

Tesla Leaker Discovers Amazon, Apple Music on Infotainment System

According to Tesla's trusted leaker "green" (@greentheonly), the clean energy company has been working with new music sources for "quite some time" now, and have been adding more options for different platforms. Tesla has anticipated that the new generation would rely more on streaming services rather than the radio.

Initially, the EV manufacturer added Spotify on its infotainment system as an in-house application integrated on the car radio, without the need for smartphone connections. Now, Tesla is adding more options to the system, with Apple Music and Amazon Music joining the party.

Tesla must have seen the growth of music streaming on different platforms not just on Spotify, especially during this pandemic when people relied on these services as a means for entertainment. However, there are no official announcements for these new apps and when it would be fully available for the public to use with their electric vehicles.

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Tesla Music Streaming: Entertainment for FSD

Tesla's leaks have shown that it has focused on creating a better interface for users to stream music, as it would soon make the added applications available for public use. Users would simply login to their respective accounts, whether on Apple Music or Amazon Music and proceed with streaming music in their Tesla EVs.

Elon Musk recently said on Twitter (@elonmusk) that entertainment would soon become an integral and important factor in Tesla's electric vehicles, especially when its autonomous driving features become available. The Tesla CEO seems to be anticipating that it would soon roll out the FSD beta to more users, or even close to its first official release version.


The Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta has been around for almost two months now, and have expanded to more public beta testers who have shown exceptional performance regarding safety and handling. However, the technology is still not fully legalized in the country, as laws still require that users always command the driving.

Tesla still has not officially announced anything regarding the arrival of Apple Music and Amazon Music on its infotainment system platform in its EVs, but leaks have shown it to be in the system already. The new apps would help users more in streaming, giving them more choices in the future.

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