Whether you have the standard PlayStation 5 version with the disk or the Digital Only variety, you'll eventually have to download some games via the PlayStation Store, but you'll have to prepare yourself for the possibility of slow download speeds, which is something many PS5 owners have experienced by now.

PS5 tips how to increase download speed
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Here are some tips to help increase your PS5 download speeds.

PlayStation 5 Download Speeds

For most people, downloading their PS5 games despite the speed isn't that much of a problem, especially when you can leave it for the day while you work or study.

However, if you've been waiting for a long while to purchase a game you've been wanting to play, the experience is less exciting, and you'll likely end up getting frustrated with your console's download speed.

This can also be a pain in the neck when the game you're trying to download has a bigger file size, which means it would take much longer completely install it.

According to Android Headlines, PS5 download speeds would depend on a variety of factors, but if you think your console is downloading games much slower than what you've anticipated, you can try a few hacks to try and make the process faster.

Here are some of the things you can check and do if you want to increase your PS5 download speed:

Download via ethernet

If you're connecting your console via Wi-Fi, you'll definitely want to try and connect it via ethernet. This should improve your download speeds--but that is if you're set-up allows you to do that as many are unable to get a long cable across their homes from their internet modem to their PS5.

Moreover, you have to set your internet connection to "Wired" by going to your console's Settings > Network > Set Up Manually. You'll then get the option between Wi-Fi and LAN. Choose the latter.

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Check your download speed

If you have connected to LAN and your speed is still slow, check your download and upload speeds via online internet speed tests. If you have a plan that promises up to 50Mbps for example, you won't always get the maximum speed promised.

Your internet connection might actually be slow that day. You can always try resetting your modem and router to see if you can get better speed. You might also want to turn your PS5 on and off.

If you're still not getting a better download speed, it might be high time for you to upgrade your internet plan, especially if you got the digital PS5 as this means frequent downloading in the future.

Download one item at a time

Of course, you'll have to check that you're not downloading another game or an update. It's possible that you've left something brewing, and since you have more than one downloading item, your internet speed will definitely decrease.

Make sure you only download one thing at a time. Pause other titles that you are downloading to make way for an important update or the game you've always been looking forward to playing.

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