The perfect gaming setup isn't complete without the perfect gaming chair to ensure maximum comfort while spending hours and hours in front of the computer. While the performance of the unit is important, so is the thing that holds the gamer to the setup, the gaming chair! Andaseat and disney have just partnered up for a pleasing surprise for gamers.

Marvel gaming chair

According to an article by BleedingCool, both Disney and Andaseat have officially partnered up in order to release a whole line of different Marvel-themed gaming chairs! The official Andaseat website shows the selection of the Iron Man gaming chair, Spider-Man gaming chair, Captain America gaming chair, and even Ant-Man gaming chair!

To be perfectly clear, these particular designs are all taken from Marvel's comic books instead of the more popularized MCU version of these characters. This is why gamers will be getting a slightly more colorful as well as bright color scheme for most of the gaming chairs instead of the dark, grim, and more realistic ones.

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All four of the different gaming chairs will be selling at $400 during this time which although are a little bit more expensive compared to the conventional gaming chairs, are still massively cool when it comes to the design of the design and the seat itself! Besides, when on earth could gamers ever perfectly enjoy themselves on a Marvel character seat built to embody the comic book's vibe. ComicBook estimates that the chairs will cost from $400 to $550.

The BleedingCool article then noted that the great leadership of none other than Captain America inspires every one of the Andaseat users to take control of their very own. The Avengers own logo "A" as well as the logo star located on top of the chairs definitely highlights that this is the main leader of the whole chair range.

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Marvel gaming chair Spider Man, Iron man, Ant man

The Iron Man gaming chair looks like the most innovative engineered and scientifically crafted Avenger gaming chair as his talents as well as justice bring out the perfect design for the Andaseat Iron Man Edition. The design for the Spider-Man gaming chair could in fact be the most noticeable as a single glance shows the popular Marvel superhero theme. The retro Spider style brings a vibrant, eye catching mix of the popular Spider-Man color theme.

Last but not the least, Ant Man is supposedly one of the heroes to shrink or even become gigantic with a single click of a button! Although the chair won't be able to do quite such, there will still be a massive comfort to this chair as the design perfectly seeps in with black and touches along with red. What's cool is for gamers to play along with their squad all in different gaming chairs to make the streaming experience even more fun. Check out Andaseat's new Marvel gaming chair selection bringing comic books back to life!

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