2021 is being bombarded by tech releases from different companies, with OnePlus introducing their iteration of a smartwatch that would be the perfect pair for its smartphones, with leaks now confirmed by the company. The new watch still has limited information regarding everything the public needs to know about it, which OnePlus would soon reveal.

OnePlus Watch
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The Shenzhen-based smartphone manufacturing company, OnePlus, has risen to fame over the past years after its initial release last 2013, and the young company already has fans and enthusiasts for its products. Now, the company has unveiled its OnePlus Watch which is one of the most rumored products in the company. 

OnePlus Watch: Rumors and Leaks Confirmed-Rival to the Apple Watch

Rumors and leaks have all talked about the plans of OnePlus to release their version of the smartwatch that can rival tech giants Apple and Samsung with their iterations of the smartphone-paired timepieces. Initial specs of the new smartwatch are all about its phone connectivity and compatibility, which would center on OnePlus' products. 

Arguably, its top competitor would be the Apple Watch which has released its Series 6 and SE last September 2020, and Samsung's Galaxy Watch 3 that was released earlier in August of the same year. However, the same time where the listing for the new OnePlus Watch appeared also in August but did not have a 2020 release date. 

Solar Cell Thinner Than Hair Strand Proves to Give 2-Year Battery for Smartwatch
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Solar Cell Thinner Than Hair Strand Proves to Give 2-Year Battery for Smartwatch

Fans and enthusiasts of the smartphone company have anticipated the smartwatch after its initial rumors but have not seen any revelation or confirmation from OnePlus. However, the start of the new year has been planned by the company after all, with the new smartwatch now confirmed by OnePlus without saying its official name yet. 

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OnePlus Watch Specs

The company announced in their official Twitter account (@oneplus) that there would be more (tech devices) that would come to their "ecosystem" (lineup) soon. The cryptic message left fans and enthusiasts to wonder and expect more from the company but was radio silent until the recent confirmation.

The watch is expected to have a round face, as opposed to Apple Watch's rounded square shape. Additionally, the OnePlus Watch would run the WearOS from Google, which is also used as the same operating system for other wearable gadgets. 

CEO Pete Lau mentioned that it would soon change for the company, as it works to develop its operating system for the smartwatch venture. The smartwatch would not be an exclusive accessory to OnePlus smartphones but would be for all Android OS running phones. 

OnePlus Watch Price

According to Tom's Guide, there is no certain price tag for the watch revealed by the company or as known by the leaks, but it is expected to be around the price of all flagship smartwatches from other companies. The Apple Watch Series 6 costs $399 and the SE has a price tag of $279. 

These prices mean that the OnePlus Watch would be around the price tag of $279 to $350, which is a reasonable and ideal price range for devices such as an Android smartwatch. 

OnePlus Watch Release Date

The OnePlus CEO's tweet mentioned that the smartwatch would come in "early next year," which would mean the Q1 of 2021. There are no official dates for the release, along with official specs and prices. 

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