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(Photo : Youtube/IGN) Cyberpunk 2077 most expensive vehicles and prices

Even after you completed and cleared "Cyberpunk 2077", you still won't have enough money to purchase everything. However, if you spend your money wisely, you can get the best vehicles on the game.

Make sure that you are not getting a clunker in exchange for the money that you worked so hard for. Also, do not shell out money for a vehicle that you could be given for free if you complete some quests.

With that being said, here are some vehicles in the game that are worth getting.

Rayfield Aerondight S9 "Guinevere" - $225,000

The Rayfield Aerondight S9 "Guinevere" is the second most expensive car in the game and it is meant to turn heads. It is not as fast as the Caliburn, but the acceleration is still impressive.

Also, the vehicle is described as being worth more than the whole GDP of a small nation. By flashing this vehicle around town, you will definitely get the admiration of pedestrians.

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Quadra Turbo-R 740 - $129,000

The Quadra Turbo-R 740 is the most expensive sports car in the game, and it may cost you a whole lot but it is worth every cent. Keep in mind though that it won't feel like it is worth it at first. The sports car's description will even warn you before you purchase it that most drivers get bucked by the engine shifts.

Even after becoming an expert, you will still feel the clutch change gears, but it is actually a very cool experience when you are in the driver's seat. The lurch at traffic stops strikes the envy of other vehicles. They are NPCs, so you can go around town and flex your sports car.

Brennan Apollo - $94,000

The Brennan Apollo is the perfect complement to the Itsumade. That motorcycle is made for high speeds and very smooth roads, while this vehicle can handle bumps and rough rides perfectly.

If you are at home riding in the dunes, this is the way to do it in the game. You will catch a lot of hangtime as you climb the sandy surfaces that no other vehicle in "Cyberpunk 2077" can match.

Mizutani Shion MZ2 - $75,000

The Mizutani Shion MZ2 was created by Mizutani to be the vehicle that can do it all. In a place like Night City, where you do not know if you will be in the gridlock, riding the sandy dunes or driving down the freeway, this vehicle is very handy.

The description of the vehicle hypes up the balance of acceleration, speed and maneuverability, which are all spot on. It does not neglect the look either as it is sleek and it could pass off as a hypercar.

Quadra Type-66 "Javelina" - $73,000

The Quadra Type-66 "Javelina" is perfect for those who wants their privacy. It can hide the driver all over. At first, it is a bit difficult to tell whether the vehicle is meant for the streets or if it is meant for the dunes.

Technically, the vehicle is made for city driving, but it is more than capable of handling the desert expertly. Any trips back and forth from the Ghost Town can be done efficiently if you have got this vehicle available.

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