LG Is Making a 48-Inch Curved OLED Display with Cinematic Sounds and 0.1ms Response Time!
(Photo : Screenshot From Pxhere Official Website) LG Is Making a 48-Inch Curved OLED Display with Cinematic Sounds and 0.1ms Response Time!

LG might not always be the forefront when it comes to mobile display tech quite like the way that Samsung has been consistently flexing its new flexible phone screen but the company is still definitely bragging about its innovation when it comes to the bigger displays. What better way to properly flaunt the big display than with the CES 2021 even if certain people won't exactly be able to see first-hand the whole glory of LG's very own unconventional panels.

LG CES 2021 Update

According to an article by SlashGear, it has already teased quite a larger transparent OLED and is now even flaunting a much larger gaming-oriented display that is capable of bending to a curve and even emitting sound even without the use of speakers. Well, the display still has speakers but they are known to be quite unconventional in a sense.

Just like the smartphones have started to all embrace the new "in-display speakers" LG is now using the very same technology to put a certain 0.6mm thin film to give a more exciting display vibration and even produce sound. In effect, this would actually almost make it look like the sound is coming from either the people or the objects that are displayed on the screen. At least, this is what LG claims it would be like.

LG flat TV to curved screen

This reportedly is not the only trick as the company says that it will be a 48-inch OLED screen capable of turning into a flat screen that is able to bend to an interesting 1,000R curve display when needed. LG also suggests that the bingers might prefer the typical flat surface while the gamers could enjoy the more cinematic curved experience.

Then again, the TV makers just like LG have also been trying to push these curved TVs to other non-gamers for the very same cinematic reasons anyway. LG is now clearly aiming for certain gamers along with the Bendable Cinematic Sound OLED screen. This is thanks to the features like the variable refresh rates of a massive 40 to 120 Hz and even a 0.1ms response time.

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LG 48-inch display

The company is also promising a screen that is designed and even developed for user eye comfort. This is a critical feature that has been around for long periods of competitive and entertainment gaming.

The new LG Display 48-inch Bendable Cinematic Sound OLED otherwise known as CSO will then be on display at the upcoming virtual CES 2021. This will join its largely transparent OLED display and would probably include a few rollable ones as well. When it finally plans to make the whole gaming display commercially available, it still has not officially disclosed but it will still undoubtedly cost quite a price. An article by TechRadar also notes that this could even be "paper thin" display allowing gamers and movie watchers to experience a better form of visuals.

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