New Apple Mac Mini M1 Review: Downsides Include 'Horrible' Fonts in Its Terminal
(Photo : Screenshot From Tech Gear Talk YouTube) New Apple Mac Mini M1 Review: Downsides Include 'Horrible' Fonts in Its Terminal

While the Mac Mini M1 has recently come out and there seems to be a lot of positive words going around the new Apple creation, there could be a few things that the new Mac Mini M1 might not have gotten right. Although the supposedly limited edition Mac Mini M1 is getting quite a lot of buzz, there are a few supposed downsides to some of its users.

Mac Mini M1 review

A certain complaint found on the MacRumors forum page detailed the following:


The person complaining was first not sure if it was actually relevant to either the Mac Mini M1 hardware or to the BigSur 11.1 update or maybe something else. It was stated that a ViewSonic VX2476 24-inch full HD IPS screen was attached from one of the two different thunderbolt ports directly to the screen's own displayport port.

The "horrible" fonts problem was also tried out along with the known Hyper terminal app but still had the same problem. The complainant also tried to turn off the font smoothing through the command line but there was still no change. The screen has also had both an HDMI and also a VGA input but it has yet to be tried since the person complaining did not have a cable available for the former or an adapter for the latter.

Another person comments on the forum stating that he had returned his own M1 Mini but just before doing so, he could not figure out why the given displayed image was just so "soft" and felt "not right." The second complainant noted that he had tried the DisplayPort, HDMI, and even a number of other adapters and cables but all of them still did not get what was described as "how I knew it should look" on the given monitor that has reportedly been used for a number of years with a number of different machines.

It was also stated that up to today, the complainant plugged two different machines to the monitor all of the time and there was still nothing as bad as when the Mac Mini M1 was plugged into the monitor.

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Is Mac Mini m1 worth buying? 

Despite these complaints, it seems like the Apple Mac M1 Mini is still doing pretty well at its starting price of $625, according to the price guide by AppleInsider. This particular price point is for the 8GB RAM along with 256GB of memory. Another variation costing $825  runs with still an 8GB RAM but is packed with a bigger 512GB memory.

Although the Apple Mac M1 has received a number of positive reviews, these few negative reviews might be the only reason as to rethink the new Apple unit. Of course, these are still relatively opinionated and might not be the case for everyone.

TechTimes is also still waiting for the official announcement of Apple regarding how to fix this problem or if it is really a problem at all that other users are experiencing.

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