Music from the official soundtracks of "Persona" games and various anime has finally landed to Spotify.

This confirmed AniPlaylist's tweet on Jan.4 that original soundtracks from major titles from "Persona 2" to "Persona 5" as well as music from non-mainline titles are coming to the music streaming platform. AniPlaylist shared that these soundtracks will show up on Spotify in early morning of Jan. 5.

Persona Spotify: How to Stream the Soundtrack
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Persona Spotify: How to Stream the Soundtrack

'Persona' Spotify: Stream All Game Soundtracks

Aside from the news that the soundtracks will be available on Spotify, AniPlaylist's included a full list of the "Persona" soundtracks that will be landing on the music streaming platform. According to Polygon, this includes main games and secondary titles. Check out the list below.

Main games soundtracks:

  • "Persona 2" Sound Collections
  • "Persona 3" OST
  • "Persona 3" FES OST
  • "Persona 4" OST
  • "Persona 4 Golden" OST

Non-Mainline Titles:

  • "Persona 4 Dancing All Night" OST
  • "Persona 4 Arena Ultimax" OST
  • "Persona 4 Never More - Reincarnation"
  • "Persona 3 "Vocal Sound Collection
  • "Persona 4" Vocal Sound Collection
  • "Persona 5 PQ" OST
  • "Persona 5 PQ2" OST
  • Music FES 2013
  • Super Live 2015

How to Play the 'Persona' Soundtrack on Spotify

Aside from the visual feast, players have always enjoyed the soundtracks of the "Persona" franchise. "Persona" is known as one of the best RPG franchises as well as the most loved and stylish. Here is how to enjoy the game's soundtracks from over two decades compiled on Spotify playlist:

Persona Spotify: How to Stream the Soundtrack
(Photo : Spotify)
Persona Spotify: How to Stream the Soundtrack
  • Download the Spotify app and log onto your account.
  • If you still do not have a Spotify account, you may sign-up at You can try out the free account or get the Premium account.
  • Search for the AniPlaylist to listen to "Persona" tracks for hours. You may also want to check the "Persona" OST playlist.
  • Click the heart icon to save each song on your library.
  • You may also click on the three dots beside the heart icon to show options and click on Add to your library to save the entire playllist.

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'Persona' 25th Anniversary celebration

"Persona" series developer, Atlus, has recently revealed that it is cooking something special for the franchise's 25th anniversary. Despite the ongoing pandemic, it looks like the developer will not just let this great milestone pass.

According to Screen Rant, Famitsu published a New Year card, which was translated by Gematsu, which says that Atlus will be giving the "Persona" series a "25th anniversary commemoration project." Since there are no further details given, "Persona" fans are guessing if this project will be a remake of a past entry or a brand new one. This perhaps is in addition to the active development of "Project Re Fantasy" and "Shin Megami Tensei V," which will be released later in 2021.

Meanwhile, "Persona" had a very successful year in 2020 after releasing "Persona 5 Royal" as well as the "Persona 4" Golden's PC release on Steam. Atlus is also grateful for the high sales and ratings that "13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim" have received.

"Revelations: Persona," the first ever "Persona" game, was released for PlayStation in 1996. It was based on the spin-off title "Shin Megami Tensei If," which is also part of the "Megami Tensei" franchise. The "Persona" series spread across the West after "Persona 3" was released while the latest mainline title, "Persona 5" will soon get its own sequel in February.

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