The rumor is real- a load of Original persona soundtracks  (OST) are finally made available on Spotify outside of Japan. It's party time for seasoned Persona fans as the long running JRPG series "Persona", also known as "Shin Megami Tensei: Persona" has finally released its original soundtrack in Spotify for fans outside Japan.

'Persona' 5 and Other Titles Original Sound Tracks Finally Available for Spotify Outside Japan
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Thanks to this tweet by AniPlaylist on Twitter, the fans had a heads up that the anticipated release is finally coming at January 5. The Twitter user added that 11 soundtracks will simultaneously be made available on Spotify. What's highly exhilirating is that the some sountracks that will be released may have never been heard by Western fans before. Ani Playlist has disclosed to the public the said date of the release as well as the list of soundtracks. 

Roster of Persona Soundtracks Made Available on Spotify

Ofcourse, the phenomenal Persona 5 sountrack is on top of the list for main game soundtracks. It also includes the Persona 4 & Golden OST as well as the  Persona 3 OST. Not only that, It also includes Persona 4 Dancing all Night OST, the Persona 4 Arena Ultimax OST, the Never More Reincarnation from Persona 4, the Persona 3 and 4 Vocal Sound Collection, the PQ and PQ2 OST the Music Fes 2013, and the Super Live 2015. These soundtracks are available for streaming service, as well as on other music spin off platforms like Arena Games, Dancing Games, and Q Games.

If you want to take a closer look at Persona's list of hits, you can have a look at AniPlaylist on Spotify. This will give you an idea of what soundtracks to add and to look forward to. We never know what more soundtracks "Persona" is planning to release anytime soon.

2020- Age of Video Game Soundtrack for Spotify

According to TechRaptor, Spotify has had an amazing track record so far in pleasing video game fans. They have shown immense growth for original sound tracks for video games during 2020 such as "Minecraft" and "Doom". Being able to listen to these original sound tracks is also a way to be able to listen to their talented artists. Not to mention, being able to stream tunes through game consoles is definitely a next-level experience. 

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The "Persona" Games have also given fans numerous reasons to celebrate with their party poppers. According to US Gamer, a release date for the "Persona 5 Strikers" have been circulating online recently. This spin-off for the core title Persona 5 made available since 2016 is one that fans are highly anticipating. Now, they've got more reasons to enjoy as excellent soundtracks from multiple titles are finally made available for everyone. 

The exact time hasn't been specificed by Aniplaylist on Twitter. However, it is expected by fans to come at around midnight. Nonetheless, they're sure to come anytime soon. 

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