'Pokemon' Gengar Pillow with Long Tongue: Price, Preorder, Where to Buy
(Photo : Screenshot From Nintendo Wire YouTube) 'Pokemon' Gengar Pillow with Long Tongue: Price, Preorder, Where to Buy

A new $250 Gengar pillow is now launching in japan! Well, one thing said about this pillow is that it definitely fits the character. For those that are looking for something a bit fancier, however, this might not be the perfect pillow. However, for those looking for something uber comfortable, this might be the right pillow.

Big Pokemon Gengar pillow with long tongue

According to an article by GamesRadar, this plush was developed by P-Bandai and was also made available for interested buyers to buy as of recent but still sold out in only a matter of less than 75 minutes. This means that those interested in a cute plush pillow, now might be an unlucky time to buy the pillow.

The cushion is said to be styled after the all-time classic ghost pokemon measuring 48cm tall as well as 53cm wide. This obviously means that the plush is smaller than the Pokemon's "real" size. According to the official Pokedex, this particular Pokemon, the Genger, averages at around 1.5m from its tail to the top. This makes up for its pretty diminutive body along with its own enormous tongue.

Gengar pillow for sale

Bundled up inside the main body of this particular pillow is said to be five feet of padding. This makes it really easy for users to simply unroll the tongue for multiple sleeping-related purposes making it quite an automatic sleeping all-in-one pillow and foam when needed.

As of the moment, it is still quite hard to assess the exact purpose of this particular plush. However, it's still seen to be pretty flexible. Just last year, Bandai officially released the Metapod sleeping bag. This, however, is quite trickier in order to determine whether users are supposed to rest their head when it comes to the new Gengar.

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Where to buy Pokemon Gengar pillow

A number of promotional photos actually show a model that is bunching up the pillow's tongue in order to fully use the pillow. Other features, however, show the model resting their own head inside this Pokemon's mouth. Users can also use the stretched-out tongue as a particularly thin mattress, while other users suggest that the pillow's tongue is actually meant to operate as a certain blanket.

There are still a number of questions regarding why Bandai is now continuing to position its actual bedding items as a part of the businessman's own home-working environment. However, these questions are better directed to Bandai themselves.

As of the moment, it is still unknown as to whether there will be a second wave of stock or even pre-orders or sales. It is also unknown whether this particular item will ever make its way to other interested buyers outside of Japan. As devastating as it might be, however, an article by Polygon notes that interested buyers might want to check PokeShopper for updates regarding when and if the pillow can be shipped to the United States.

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