'Pokemon' Heatran Guide: Is It Good?  Raid counters, Evolution, and More!
(Photo : Screenshot From PokemonOficialES YouTube) 'Pokemon' Heatran Guide: Is It Good? Raid counters, Evolution, and More!

Part of what's really fun regarding the main series "Pokemon" games is the actual lore of  every single species. This is something that "Pokemon Go" actually recreates along with short descriptions in their own Pokedex entries. However, when looking into the actual roles that these "Pokemon" play towards other games, even the anime ones. This can enrich the total experience of having to hunt down these creatures over in Niantic's mobile game.

What 'Pokemon' number is Heatran? 

According to an article by BleedingCool, In honor of the Heatran's return towards the raiders happening tomorrow, check out more about the species' lore. This "Pokemon" Heatran is known as Dex no. 485. Heatran is said to be a dual Fire/Steel-type of species coming from the Sinnoh Region and was introduced into the whole "Pokemon" world with Generation Four. 

This particular legendary "Pokemon", unlike other Legendaries does not actually have a gender. This "Pokemon" can be encountered as well, either male or female and is referred to as the pretty cool "Lava Dome "Pokemon"" according to Heatran's Pokedex entry, the "Pokemon" has boiling blood just like magma that circulates throughout its body. It now makes its dwelling place in the harsh volcanic caves.

Is Heatran a legendary Pokemon? 

In the game's original series, Heatran could also be encountered in the Stark Mountain in the Diamond & Pearl as well as the Reversal Mountain in Black & White 2 for the players that are carrying an item known as the Magma Stone. The Reversal Mountain over in Unova is exactly where Heatran, who is most commonly known for actually clinging to the main walls inside the Sinnoh volcanoes, digging its own steely toes right into the rock, later on goes to cool off.

For the core fans of this particular anime, Heatran along with most legendaries also first debuted in the movies that came before the main episodic series. Its very first appearance was noted in the Arceus and the Jewel of Life, where it actually was being used right against its own will by the main antagonist Marcus. Heatran now appears in the main series episodes known as "Pokemon" Ranger: Heatran Rescue! As well as An Old Family Blend.

Is 'Pokemon' Heatran Good? Pokedex information

  • Diamond/Pearl - this one dwells well in volcanic caves and digs in along with its cross-shaped feet in order to crawl on both walls and ceilings.

  • Platinum this one's body is made of rugged steel. However, it is also partially melted in certain spots due to its heat.

'Pokemon Go' Heatran best moveset

The "Pokemon" Heatranhas three massive moves players might want to get acquainted with. While there are still quick movements, however, they might not deal as much damage as these moves according to the official RankedBoost.

  • Fire Blast - 140 damage, -23.8 EPS, 35.7 DPS

  • Stone Edge - 100 damage, -43.5 EPS, 35.7 DPS

  • Iron Head - 60 DMG, -26.3 EPS, 30 DPS

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'Pokemon Go' Heatran weakness

While "Pokemon" Heatran is quite powerful, there are three different elements that it is reportedly weak against.

  • Ground - 1.96x

  • Water - 1.4x

  • Fighting - 1.4x

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